Refreeed Journal




  • L. Zhang T. Ohmura, S. Emura, N. Sekido, F. X. Yin, X. H. Min, K. Tsuzaki
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  • O. Ciuca, K. Tsuchiya, Y. Yokoyama, Y. Todaka and M. Umemoto
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  • O. Ciuca, K. Tsuchiya, Y. Yokoyama, Y. Todaka and M. Umemoto
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    Proceedings of Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Materials | XVIII,ed. by M. Niinomi, M. Morinaga, M. Nakai, N. Bhatnagar and T. S. Srivatsan
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  • X. H. Min, S. Emura, L. Zhang, K. Tsuzaki
    "Effect of Fe and Zr additions on ω phase formation in -type Ti-Mo alloys"
    Mater. Sci. Eng., A 497 (2008) pp.74-78.

The others


International Conference


  • International Conference on Martensitic Transformations (ICOMAT-2011), Osaka, September 4-9.
  • K. Tsuchiya (Invited)
    "Martensitic transformation in nano-grained shape memory alloys"
  • T. Sawaguchi, X. Zhang and K. Ogawa (Invited)
    "Comparison of γ to ε martensitic transformation and γ deformation twinning in their plate-plate intersections"
  • H. Ohtsuka, H. Suzuki, Y. Kawamura, N. Terada, H. Kitazawa and N. Metoki
    "Effects of a high magnetic field on martensitic transformation and reverse transformation from martensite to austenite"
  • S. Ii, Y. Ono, Y. Tsuchiya, T. Koyano and K. Tsuchiya
    "Shape memory effect and superelasticity at cryogenic temperatures in Cu-Al-Mn alloy"
  • F. Meng, K. Tsuchiya, S. Ii, Y. Yokoyama
    "Influence of Ni on stability of martensitic transformation in Zr50Cu50-xNix"
  • M. Koyama, T. Sawaguchi and Kaneaki Tsuzaki
    "ε-martensitic transformation induced quasi-cleavage fracture on annealing twin boundaries in Fe-17Mn-0.3C austenitic steel"
  • X. Min, T. Sawaguchi, K. Ogawa, T. Maruyama, F. Yin and K. Tsuzaki
    "An attempt to lower Mn content of Fe-17Mn-6Si-0.3C shape memory alloy"
  • X. Zhang, T. Sawaguchi, K. Ogawa, F. Yin, X. Zhao
    "Temperature dependence of intersection reactions of ε martensite plates in an Fe-30Mn-4Si-2Al TRIP/TWIP steel"

  • The 12th World Conference on Titanium(Ti-2011), Beijing, China, June 19-24.
  • S.Emura, X. Min, S. Ii, K. Tsuzaki and K. Tsuchiya
    "Improvement of Mechanical Properties in Ti Alloys Using Heterogeneouus Elemental Distribution"
  • K. Tsuchiya, S. Farujami, B. Jiang, S. Emura, X. Min and S. Ii
    "Effect of High-Pressure Torsion Deformation on Isothermal Omega Phase in Beta-Ti alloys"
  • K. Tsuchiya, T. Hara, S. Emura, X. Min, S. Ii, K. Tsuzaki, X. Man, K. Tanaka and A. Uemoto
    "3D Observation of Isothermal Omega Phase in Beta-Ti Alloy by Novel Orthogonal FIB/SEM System
  • X. Min, S. Emura, S. Ii, K. Tsuchiya and K. Tsuzaki
    "Ductility Improvement in High Strength Ti-Mo Alloys by Transition of Deformation Mode"
  • Q. S. Mei, K. Tsuchiya, H. Gao, K. Nakajima and Y. Sugimoto
    "Defroamtion-Induced Reverse Martensitic Transforamtion in NiTi Alloy

Domestic meeting (Only invited talk)


  • The 55th Symposium of The Japanese Society of Microscopy, Takamatsu,
    September 30- October 1.
  • Seiichiro Ii (Invited lecture)
    "Application of TEM/EELS for metallic materials -Trial to the grain boudnary properties-"