◤ PhD, Group Leader of Electochemical Nanobiotechnology
 Visiting Professor at Hokkaido University



JST Research Map

Akihiro OKAMOTO 

City/Country of Origin: Kanagawa/Japan
Hobbies: Beach Rugby, Reading, Camping 

What are your strong points?: I like to make a challenge.
Motivation towards Science: 
Fusing electrochemistry and biology to create new technology.
A few words for future lab mates: You will like it, if you like a challenge.

Science is…:   my job, but that brings me a lot of happiness.


◤ PhD,  Principal Researcher


JST Research Map


City/Country of Origin:  Saitama/Japan
Hobbies: Aromatherapy, Camping, Cooking, Drive
What are your strong points?: To have interests in many things.
Motivation towards Science:  To create a new value.
A few words for future lab mates:  Your curiosity and passion will change the world.
Science is…:    a lens that helps you see the world with higher resolution.



◤ PhD, Researcher 


Xiao DENG 

City/Country of Origin:Fujian/China 
Hobbies: Experiment
What are your strong points?:An open mind
Motivation towards Science: Biotechnology development
A few words for future lab mates: welcome
Science is…:   light



◤ Posdoctoral Researcher


City/Country of Origin: Mito, Japan
Hobbies: Watching sports, movies  
What are your strong points?: Very curious, patient, logically thinking, and be flexible and adaptable to changes in the environment.
Motivation towards Science:Science has the power to understand the seemingly complex things in a simple and elegant way.
A few words for future lab mates: Communicate and collaborate with your lab members here. That will be the driving force to improve your insight.
Science is…: an infinite passion for upset conventional wisdom and create a new concept.

EMRAN  Mohammed Youssef Mahmoud

City/Country of Origin: EGYPT
Hobbies: Walking, and Travelling   
What are your strong points?: Ambitious, Patience, and Problem-solving
Motivation towards Science: The seeking of knowledge is the target of humans for discovering, develop and improve life. Science is the way to set up the thinking into reliable results, solving all faces, and looking forward to the future. By doing science, I am still alive and still seeking a new challenge.
A few words for future lab mates: Nice to meet you, it is easy to do your research, start, and ongoing your career with a proficient team, highly equipped institute, and a wonderful environment by joining us.  
Science is…: Science is a victory of nature. Science lets us discover everything with an eye of expertise. All signs around us can be facts by science. So, we have to keep searching for knowledge to realize our nature, live in high faith and defeats all difficulties.
藤川 昂

City/Country of Origin: Hokkaido/Japan
Hobbies: Sports, Reading
What are your strong points?: Grid, Friendly
Motivation towards Science: Elucidate the mysterious in the world that no one knows ever by developing ideas with collaborators
A few words for future lab mates: Let's discuss, with passion
Science is…: The cycle that start with observations, end with let us know the interaction between you and world

Pham Minh Duyen 

City/Country of Origin: Vietnam
Hobbies: Soccer, Photography
What are your strong points?: 
 I can spend my whole energy, both physically and mentally, for what I am interested in
Motivation towards Science: I love to “play” with experiments and “unveil” the hidden knowledge
A few words for future lab mates: If you want to upgrade yourself, please you are welcome
Science is…:  The world of truth

Wenyuan HUANG

PhD student at Hokkaido University

City/country of origin: Shandong/China 
Hobbies: Swimming; playing table tennis; reading 
What are strong points? I like to study new things, I also a punctual and honest person
Motivation towards science: Exploring scientific truth is the most exciting thing, do useful research for the better human life
A few words for future lab mates: Join our group, enjoy science
Science is…: Science is the driving force of human progress

◤ PhD Students


PhD student at Hokkaido University

City/country of origin: Xianyang City, China
Hobbies: Yoga, Drawing
What are strong points?  Electrochemistry
Motivation towards science: EExplore new areas.
A few words for future lab mates: If you have a idea, just do it!
Science is…: Science is the greatest power to improve human life.


Chia-lun HO (Tracy)

Master student at University of Tsukuba

City/Country of Origin:  Taiwan, Keelung
Hobbies: Free diving, Weight training, Hiking, Travel
What are strong points? 
Motivation towards science:  I love challenges. Discovering an unknown science is a challenge, which makes me want to know more.
A few words for future lab mates:   I cannot wait to  learn the novel science. Let us enjoy the unknown science journey!!
Science is…:  Science is like an  adventure, which stimulates me to explore more.



Master student at University of Tsukuba

City/Country of Origin: Hiroshima/ JAPAN
Hobbies: Listening to music, Watching sports game etc
What are strong points? Having various specialized fields background
Motivation towards science:Interest
A few words for future lab mates:There are various instruments to assist your research here. So, Let’s research with us!
Science is…:the answer for every phenomenon.
◤ ICYS member


GANGANBOINA Akihilesh Babu

ICYS member

City/Country of Origin:  Telangana, India
Hobbies: Travelling, internet surfing, current affairs
What are strong points? For me it’s a great superpower that I can listen actively and deeply, analyze things, understand different perspectives, create new solutions by being vulnerable. I can help others.
Motivation towards science:Curiosity for everything around me, from how it works to why it works that way…
A few words for future lab mates:We can enjoy understanding, learning and doing science. 
Science is…: a beautiful subject that makes me feel alive and gives joy!

 External / Former Member

Xizi LONG 

City/Country of Origin: Chongqing/China 
Hobbies: Music, Soccer, Table tennis,  
What are your strong points?: Municipal water supply and drainage design 
Motivation towards Science: Non choice turning to Curiosity 
A few words for future lab mates: Hard Work Pays Off 
Science is…: A summary of innovations.


City/Country of Origin: Andhra Pradesh/ INDIA
Hobbies: Reading, Travelling  
What are your strong points?: Patience
Motivation towards Science: My enthusiasm for the science didn't emerge in one crystallizing moment, but rather evolved over time. Science has always been interest to me because of the never ending knowledge.
A few words for future lab mates: Glad to meet you . Join us! Japan is a really exciting place to live and do science.
Science is…: science is a process of discovery that allows us to link isolated facts into coherent and comprehensive understandings of the?natural world.

Waheed MIRAN 

City/Country of Origin: Sialkot/Pakistan
Hobbies: Reading, TED Talks, World affairs update
What are your strong points?: Resilience, Self-control, Friendly
Motivation towards Science: Discover/create something new at a very basic level of microbe-electrode interaction and play a role in the development of high impact technology for general public.
A few words for future lab mates: A warm welcome! Your love for science will increase by many folds here. Amalgam of your past knowledge and science in our lab will make you a good scientist.
Science is…: Finding the truth. Discovering and expanding the knowledge for making our world a better place to live.



Assistant Professor at  Tohoku University

City/Country of Origin: Kyoto,Japan
Walking, Traveling, Reading
What are your strong points?: 
Enjoying experiments
Motivation towards Science: 
Curiosity for materials
A few words for future lab mates:Believe in yourself
Science is…: My life


Muralidharan MURUGAN  

City/Country of Origin: India
Hobbies: Reading, movies
What are your strong points?: Friendly, self motivated, openminded, flexible and I will adapt myself to ever changing circumstances, trying to be independent with better resilience
Motivation towards Science: Science has a immense potential to address many new age problems for a better environment and society.
A few words for future lab mates: If you are passionate towards science then you would love to be in our research group. Our research group is a perfect platform for acquiring new knowledge and for developing someone as a better researcher.
Science is…: the only medium for understanding the rules of nature and to raise the human kind out of delusions.


Yoshihide TOKUNOU

Assistant Professor at University of Tsukuba

City/Country of Origin: Japan
Hobbies:  Tennis, Table tennis, Climbing, Manga, Video game, Drinking, etc
What are your strong points?: Learning from failure
Motivation towards Science: I'm now interested in electron transfer reactions between microorganisms and solid substrates. They provide many mysteries covering a lot of research field, and rev my engine.
A few words for future lab mates: Let's enjoy science with us.
Science is…: Fantastic


Wei Peng LI

Assistant Professor at Kaohsiung Medical University

City/Country of Origin: Tainan / TAIWAN
Hobbies: (1)eSports (2)Driving (3) Seeing film etc.
What are your strong points?: My strong point is deeply believing that I can do it.
Motivation towards Science: 
I want to resolve some current issues in the world through my novel idea and action.
A few words for future lab mates:
I very like this lab! I can enjoy my research work here, and every group member is so kind.
Science is…: 90% experiment will get a failure result. However,  we will never give up on seeking success, even only 10 %.

Theepan GANESAN 

PhD student at Hokkaido University

City/Country of Origin: Thanjavur/India
Hobbies: Table tennis, Chess, Violin, Singing, Farming, Travelling, etc...
What are your strong points?: Being perseverant.

Motivation towards Science: Scrutinize to discover what is real.
A few words for future lab mates:Get ready for experiencing your experience!
Science is…: Real, that you need to experience.

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