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Magnet Specifications - Big magtnets

Big magnets - Hybrid magnet and Water-cooled magnet

For more information on the following magnets, please contact Shigeki Nimori, or contact us through online form.

Hybrid Magnet

Hybrid magnet inserted with a superconducting magnet creates a high magnetic field at room temperature; 32 tesla in 52 mm bore or 35 tesla in 30 mm bore.
32 T
52 mm bore

35 T
30 mm bore
3He cryostat
▪ 42 K variable temperature insert cryostat
▪ Inserted superconducting magnet creates :14 T
Main Purposes
▪ Characterics evaluation of superconducting materials under high magnetic fields
▪ Solidifying polymers or metals under high magnetic fields

Water Cooled Magnet

25 T
32 mm bore
▪ Dilution-refrigerator cryostat (100 mK)
▪ 4.2 K cryostat
▪ Easy to control magnetic field strength
Main Purposes
▪ Physical property measurements
▪ Solidification under high magnetic fields