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Guidlines for Superconducting, Split paired, Cryocooler cooled Magnet and VSM

Opening Term

- Operation/Opening Hours -
8.30-17.15 on Weekdays, open annually


Booking for Machine Time should be made at least 1 month in advance. The closing date is set at the end of every month. Online Application is available from 10th to the end of month.
(For instance, if you wish to use magnet in June, the closing date for booking is the end of April.)

Maximum period of Machine Time for each project is 1 week per month.

Please complete Application Form in English or Japanese, although the sections are indicated in Japanese. The translations are listed below, in order from the top.


Monthly Machine Time schedule is updated on the TML website by around 10th of every month.
No notification will be sent to the individual users.