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Helium Liquefaction System

Helium liquefier system was first installed in 1976. CTi Helium Liquefier (50L/h) was introduced for 17.5T superconducting magnet and liquid helium supply for the magnet operation.

The system was renewed to SULZER : TCF200 liquefier system (250L/h) in 1988, then replaced in sakura site in 1955. This system has supplied liquid helium 120,000L/year for magnet cooling and several measurements.

Now Linde : LC280 liquefier system has operated since 2006. The specifications are below.

Helium Liquefier System Capacity
helium liquefier Linde LC280 : 170L/h (99 vol%He) helium liquefier 3360 Nm3/day
liquid helium tank 5000 L recovery compressor 3655 Nm3/day
compressor for liquification KAESER FS440 : 0.99 MPa  
recovery compressor Burckhardt C5U214.4GEX : 14.7 MPa Storage
recovery bag 80m3 cradle cylinders 4083.2 m3