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TML Annual Report 2005 - List of Reports

Synthesis and physical properties of quasi-two-dimensional CuCrl-xVxS2
N Tsujii, H Kitazawa, G Kido (NIMS)

Nonmagnetic substitutional effects on geometrically frustrated system CePdAl
H Kitazawa, O Suzuki, N Tsujii, M Imai, G Kido (NIMS)
J Prchal (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague)

1/3 magnetization plateau observed in the spin-1/2 trimmer chain compound Cu3(P2O6OH)2
S Nagaya, M Kawano, H Kitazawa, N Tsujii, O Suzuki, K Ozawa, G Kido, M Imai, H Xiao (NIMS)

Low-temperature Specific Heat and Ultrasonic Wave Study of Superconducting Glass State in Binary Alloy Ti0.5V0.5 Single Crystal
K Tsutsumi (Kanazawa University)
M Yoshizawa (Iwate University)
S Takayanagi (Hokkaido University of Education)
M Hirano (NIMS)

Low-temperature specific heat study of antiferromagnetic transition in ternary rare-earth metal silicide R5lr4Si10 (R=Tb, Dy, Ho, Er)
K Tsutsumi (Kanazawa University)
S Takayanagi (Hokkaido University of Education)
K Maezawa (Toyama Prefectural University)
H Kitazawa (NIMS)

Superconductivity in binary transition-metal silicide CoSi2 single crystal
K Tsutsumi (Kanazawa University)
S Takayanagi (Hokkaido University of Education)
M Hirano (NIMS)

Magnetization of the filled skutterudite LaxRh4P12
M Imai (NIMS)

NMAD Spin Glass Behaviour in 4f Electronic Compounds
DX Li (Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University)
S Nimori (NIMS)

Aging phenomena in disordered materials
H Mamiya, M Ohnuma, I Nakatani, S Nimori, T Furubayashi (NIMS)

Reduction of Néel temperatue in Sn doped Celn3 at High Magnetic Fields
T Ebihara (Shizuoka University)
S Uji (NIMS)
N Harrison (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)

Upper critical fields and de Haas-van Alphen oscillations in UNi2Al3
T Terashima, K Enomoto, T Konoike, M Nishimura, S Uji (NIMS)
N Sato (Nagoya University)
H Yamagami (Faculty of Science, Kyoto Sangyo University)

Metamagnetic transition and dHvA effect of CeRu2(Si1-xGex)2
M Sugi, T Fujiwara, T Issiki, E nakamura, N Kimura, T Komatsubara, H Aoki, I Sato (Tohoku University)
T Terashima, S Uji (NIMS)

Magnetic-field-hysteresis of Shubnikov-de Haas Oscillations in κ-(BETS)2FeBr4
T Konoike, S Uji, T Terashima, M Nishimura, N Yamaguchi, K Enomoto (NIMS)
H Fujiwara (Research Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, Osaka Prefecture University)
B Zhang, H Kobayashi (National Institute for Molecular Science)

Fermi Surface and Electronic Properties of κ-(BETS)2FeCl2
T Konoike, S Uji, T Terashima, M Nishimura, N Yamaguchi, K Enomoto (NIMS)
H Fujiwara (Research Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, Osaka Prefecture University)
B Zhang, H Kobayashi (National Institute for Molecular Science)

Electronic states of the incommensurate organic superconductor (MDT-TSF)(l3)0.422
T Kawamoto, T Mori (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
T Konoike, K Enomoto, T Terashima, S Uji (NIMS)
K Tatsumiya, T Otsubo (Hiroshima University)

Azimuthal angle dependence of Nernst effect in organic superconductor (TMTSF)2ClO2
W Kang, YJ Jo, H Kang (Ewha Womans University)
S Uji, T Terashima, T Konoike, N Yamaguchi, M Nishimura (NIMS)
ES Choi (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)

Non-linear Charge Transport in Organic Insulator θ-(BEDT-TTF)2MZn(SCN)4(M=Cs,Rb)
N Yamaguchi, T Konoike, K Enomoto, M Nishimura, T Terashima, S Uji (NIMS)
H Yamamoto, R Kato (RIKEN)

Relaxation in field-induced insulator to metal transition of bilayer manganite single-crystals
T Matsukawa, H Noto, A Tamura (Faculty of Engineering, Iwate University)
K Koyama, N Kobayashi (Tohoku University)
R Suryanarayanan, A Revcolevschi (Université de Paris-Sud)

High-field magnetization of superconducting sodium cobalt oxyhydrate
Y Sakurai, N Tsujii, O Suzuki, H Kitazawa, G Kido, K Takada, T Sasaki, E Muromachi (NIMS)

UGe2: Low temperature resistivity measurements in a wide range of magnetic field and pressure
T Terashima, K Enomoto, T Konoike, M Nishimura, S Uji, T Matsumoto (NIMS)
N Kimura, G Endo, T Komatsubara, H Aoki (Tohoku University)
K Maezawa (Toyama Prefectural University)

Simultaneous measurements of Hall and magnetoresistance effects in liquid metals, semiconductors, amorphous metal foils and ferromagnetic metals Ni
M Ogita, T Ito (Shizuoka University)
T Takamasu, G Kido (NIMS)

Chemical Reactions and Acceleration of the Spin Relaxation by Ultrahigh Magnetic Fields
A Hamasaki, M Wakasa (Faculty of Science, Saitama University)
T Takamasu, G Kido (NIMS)

Development of long-length Nb3Al rectangular superconducting wire fabricated by RHQT process
K Tagawa, Y Sakurai, G Iwaki (Hitachi Cable Ltd.)
T Takeuchi, S Banno, Y Iijima, A Kikuchi, H Kitaguchi (NIMS)

Development of Nb3Al superconducting wire for accelerator magnets (II)
K Tsuchiya, C Mitsuda, A Terashima (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)
T Takeuchi, S Banno, A Kikuchi, S Nimori, Y Iijima (NIMS)
Y Seki, M Ohno, Y Okamoto, K Nakamura, T Takao (Sophia University)

Optimum heat-treatment for Nb3Al wires
S Banno (NIMS)

Internally Cu-stabilized RHQT Nb3Al superconductors with Ta matrix
T Takeuchi, S Banno, Y Iijima, A Kikuchi (NIMS)

Nb3Al Superconducting Wire Produced by the Combined Process of Clad-chip Extrusion (CCE) Method, Jelly-Roll (JR) Method and Rapid-heating, Quenching and Transformation (RHQT) Treatment
S Saito (Ashikaga Institute of Technology)
A Kikuchi, Y Iijima, S Banno, T Takeuchi (NIMS)

Compressive strain dependency of superconducting properties in very high fields for Nb3Sn wires with radially arranged filaments
A Kubo, T Nagai (Advanced Technology R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
T Takeuchi, M Kosuge, M Yuyama (NIMS)

High-field Performance of Nb3Sn Superconductors Prepared by a New Process
K Tachikawa, T Tsuyuki, M Kawanabe (School of Engineering, Tokai University)
T Takeuchi (NIMS)

Development of (Nb,Ta)3Sn superconducting wires through a Ta-Sn powder process
K Zaitsu, H Kato, T Miyazaki, M Hamada (Kobe Steel Ltd.)
T Kiyoshi, M Kosuge (NIMS)

Superconducting properties of V based C15 Laves phase compound multifilamentary wires through by a RHQ process
Y Hishinuma, A Nishimura (National Institute for Fusion Science)
A Kikuchi, Y Iijima, Y Yoshida, T Takeuchi (NIMS)
K Inoue (University of Tokushima)

Critical current characteristics of YBCO coated conductor in magnetic field
H Okamoto (Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc.)
K Ito (NIMS)
T Saito (Fujikura Ltd.)
T Izumi, Y Yamada, Y Shiohara (International Superconductivity Technology Centre)

Characteristics of HoBCO coated conductors at low temperature and high magnetic field
T Taneda, M Ueyama, S Hahakura, T Kato (Sumitomo Electric Industries Co. Ltd.)
T Takeuchi (NIMS)

High Field Performance of CT-OP Bi-2223 Tapes
H Kitaguchi (NIMS)
K Yamazaki, S Kobayashi, J Fujikami, T Kato (Sumitomo Electric Industries Co. Ltd.)

Critical Current density of Bi-2212 wires at high magnetic fields and varying temperatures
T Isono, Y Nabara, K Okuno (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
K Ito (NIMS)

Development of a nuclear spin polarizer with the optical pumping method: IV
A Goto, T Shimizu, K Hashi, S Ohki, G Kido (NIMS)

Study on high-resolution solid-state NMR for spin-1 deuterium
T Mizuno, N Nemoto (JEOL Ltd.)
M Tansho, T Shimizu (NIMS)
Y Ishii, K Takegoshi (Kyoto University)

Development of the 1GHz class High-resolution NMR spectrometer system
K Takasugi, N Nemoto, T Anai (JEOL Ltd.)
T Kiyoshi, M Yoshikawa, M Tansho, T Shimizu (NIMS)

17O NMR Spectra of Alanine Tripeptide with Parallel and Anti-parallel P-sheet Structures by the Ultra High Field Solid State NMR
K Yamauchi, T Asakura(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
T Shimizu, M Tansho, T Kiyoshi (NIMS)

195Pt NMR spectroscopy on platinum nanoparticles
H Imai (NEC Corporation)
K Hashi, A Goto, T Shimizu (NIMS)

A structural study of boric acid in PVA film by solid-state 11B NMR spectroscopy
S Kim, K Takigawa, A Okada (Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd.)
M Murakami, M Tansho (NIMS)

NMR Property of Kn/NaK-FAU(1)
M Igarashi, M Yarimizu, K Yamamichi (Gunma National College of Technology)
T Nakano, K Goto, Y Nozue (Osaka University)
T Shimizu, A Goto, K Hashi (NIMS)

Solid State NMR Study of a Novel Hard-carbon for Lithium-ion Battery
K Goto, H Ishida (Okayama University)
A Goto, M Tansho (NIMS)

The Research of Two Dimensional Protonic Conductor Intercalated into Phyllosilicates
E Shinohara, T Umemura (National Defence Academy of Japan)
S Ishimaru (Tokyo Denki University)
K Hashi, A Goto (NIMS)

Fundamental studies on Helical-type Seawater MHD generation System (2) - Numerical simulation -
M Takeda (Kobe University)
S Choi, T Kiyoshi (NIMS)

Magnetic Separation of fine particles
H Okada, H Okuyama, M Uda, N Hirota (NIMS)
SB Kim (Okayama University)

Dual Magneto-Gravitational Chromatography (DMGC)
H Sakaguchi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
S Nimori (NIMS)

Damping of Solute Convection During Crystal Growth by Applying Magnetic Field Gradients
N Wakayama, T Kiyoshi (NIMS)

Magnetic field effects on helium adsorption
S Sasahara, S Yoshitome, T Iiyama, S Ozeki (Faculty of Science, Shinsyu University)
H Abe (NIMS)

Effects of a High Magnetic Field on Transformation Temperature
H Ohtsuka, XJ Hao (NIMS)

Verification of two-dimensional triangle-lattice alignments by feeble magnetic substances under high magnetic fields
T Ando, H Wada (University of Tokyo)
N Hirota (NIMS)
A Sato (Akita Prefectural University)

In situ microscopic observations of an electroless silver deposition process under high magnetic fields
N Hirota (NIMS)
S Hara, H Uetake, H Nakamura (University of Tokyo)

Structural Control of mesoporous silica films due to Magnetic Fields
Y Yamane, I Ohtsuka, S Ozeki (Faculty of Science, Shinsyu University)
H Abe (NIMS)

Development of anisotropic sheet in high magnetic field
H Konno, N Shimoyama, M Hida (Polymatech Co. Ltd.)
M Matsumoto, T Kiyoshi (NIMS)

Control of Microdomain structures in Block Copolymers Under a Strong Magnetic Field
S Sakurai, Y Tsuji (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
F Kimura (NIMS)
T Kimura, M Yamato (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Alteration of Crystallite Alignment Converting Powder to a Pseudo Single Crystal by Using Modulated Magnetic Field
F Kimura, T Kimura (NIMS)

Alignment and Patterning of CNTs in Polymer Electrolyte under Magnetic Field
K Boku (Qingdao University of Science and Technology)
F Kimura (NIMS)
T Kimura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
K Tsuda (Nano Frontier Technology Co. Ltd.)

Synthesis of nano-carbons by electrochemical technique under high magnetic field
H Yokomichi (Toyama Prefectural University)
T Sakai, M Ichihara (University of Tokyo)
S Nimori, N Kishimoto (NIMS)

Electrophoresis of DNA under strong magnetic field
I Yamamoto, K Yoshida, M Yamaguchi (Yokohama National University)
T Takamasu (NIMS)

Preparation of poled DNA-lipid complex films under the presence of strong magnetic field
S Watanuki, J Yoshida, N Ogata (Chitose Institute of Science and Technology)
G Kido (NIMS)

Preparation of aligned DNA film
K Mizoguchi, T Tanaka, M Ojima, K Sakamoto (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
S Nimori (NIMS)