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TML Annual Report 2004 - List of Reports

Motion of C60 molecules in C60 nanowhiskers
H Kitazawa, K Hashi, T Kobayashi, A Goto, T Shimizu, G Kido, K Miyazawa (NIMS)
J Prchal (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague)

Observation of magnetization plateau in Cu2CdB2O2: Quantum spin system possessing a nearly singlet state and antiferromagnetic long-range order
M Hase, M Kono, H Kitazawa, O Suzuki, K Ozawa, G Kido, M Imai, H Xiao (NIMS)

Magnetic properties of Pr3Pd20Ge6
O Suzuki, H Kitazawa, G Kido (NIMS)
T Yamaguchi, Y Nemoto, T Goto (Graduate school of Science and Technology, Niigata University)

Magnetization measurements of anti-ferromagnetic SrRu1-xMnxO3
Y Nishihara, J Yokoyama, C Sato (Collage of Science, Ibaraki University)
H Kawanaka (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
H Kitazawa, O Suzuki, G Kido (NIMS)

NMAD Spin Glass Behaviour in 4f Electronic Compounds
DX Li (Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University)
S Nimori (NIMS)

Field Induced Quantum Criticality in CeIn3
T Ebihara (Shizuoka University)
S Uji (NIMS)
N Harrison (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)

Magnetic field effect on the T2 coefficient of the resistivity in the ferromagnetic superconductor UGe2
T Terashima, K Enomoto, T Konoike, M Nishimura, T Matsumoto, S Uji (NIMS)
N Kimura, G Endo, T Komatsubara, H Aoki (Cryogenics Centre, Tohoku University)
K Maezawa (Toyama Prefectural University)

dHvA effect in UNi2Al3
N Sato (Graduate school of Science, Nagoya University)
H Yamagami (Faculty of Science, Kyoto Sangyo University)
T Terashima, K Enomoto, T Konoike, M Nishimura, S Uji (NIMS)

Magnetic Torque in Magnetic-field-induced Superconductors λ-(BETS) 2FeCl4-xBx
S Uji, T Terashima, N Yamaguchi, K Enomoto, T Konoike (NIMS)
B Zhang, T Kobayashi (Institute for Molecular Science)
A Kobayashi (University of Tokyo)
H Tanaka, M Tokumoto (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Fermi Surface Reconstruction in Magnetic-field-induced Superconductor κ-(BETS)2FeBr4
T Konoike, S Uji, T Terashima, M Nishimura, N Yamaguchi, K Enomoto (NIMS)
H Fujiwara (Research Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, Osaka Prefecture University)
B Zhang, T Kobayashi (Institute for Molecular Science)

Fermi surface reconstruction of the incommensurate organic superconductor (MDT-ST)(l3)0.417
T Kawamoto, T Mori (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
K Enomoto, T Konoike, T Terashima, S Uji (NIMS)
A Takamori, K Takimiya, T Otsubo (Hiroshima University)

Angular dependent magnetoresistance oscillation inorganic conductor (TMET-STF)2BF4
S Uji, T Terashima, N Yamaguchi, K Enomoto, T Konoike (NIMS)
R Kato (Riken)

Excess resistance in the superconducting transition of a mesoscopic Al disk
K Enomoto, N Yamaguchi, T Yakabe, T Terashima, T Konoike, M Nishimura, S Uji (NIMS)

Nonlinear transport of (TMTSF)2PF6 in high magnetic fields
N Yamaguchi, T Konoike, S Uji, K Enomoto, M Nishimura, T Terashima (NIMS)
J Yamaguchi (Graduate school of Material Science, University of Hyogo)

Boundary scattering effect on magnetoresistance in a thin charge-density-wave material NbSe3
N Yamaguchi, K Enomoto, T Konoike, M Nishimura, T Yakabe, H Suzuki, T Terashima, S Uji (NIMS)
T Tsuneta, K Inagaki, S Tannda, K Yamaya (Graduate school of Engineering, Hkkaido University)

Pressure-temperature-field Phase Diagram and Surface Superconductivity in ZrZn2
N Kimura, G Endo, T Issiki, H Aoki (Cryogenics Centre, Tohoku University)
T Terashima, S Uji, T Matsumoto (NIMS)

Evolution of Spin and Field Dependences of the Effective Mass with Pressure in CeIn3
G Endo, N Kimura, H Aoki (Cryogenics Centre, Tohoku University)
T Terashima, S Uji, T Matsumoto (NIMS)
T Ebihara (Faculty of Science, Shizuoka University)

Josephson-Vortex Dynamics in Two-dimensional Organic Superconductor κc-ET2Cu(NCS)2
S Yasutsuka, K Murata (Osaka City University)
S Uji, T Konoike, K Enomoto, N Yamaguchi, M Nishimura, T Terashima (NIMS)
J Yamaguchi (Graduate school of Material Science, University of Hyogo)

Non-Ohmic Transport in the Two-Dimensional Organic Conductor τ-(EDO-S,S-DMEDT-TTF)2(AuCl2)1+y
T Nakanishi, M Teramura, L Lin, H Yoshino, S Yasutsuka, K Murata (Osaka City University)
S Uji, T Konoike, K Enomoto, N Yamaguchi, M Nishimura, T Terashima (NIMS)
GC Papavassiliou (National Hellenic Research Foundation)

Transport properties of HoNi2B2C in high magnetic field
T Konoike, S Uji, T Terashima, M Nishimura, N Yamaguchi, K Enomoto, H Takeya (NIMS)

Study of Sm-Co and Sm(Co,Cu)5/Fe magnetic films prepared by sputtering
J Zhang, Y Takahashi, K Hono (NIMS)

Simultaneous measurements of Hall and magnetoresistance effects for liquid metals, semiconductors and amorphous metals in high magnetic fields
M Ogita, T Ito (Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University)
T Takamasa, G Kido (NIMS)

Relaxation in field-induced insulator to metal transition of bilayer manganite single-crystals
T Matsukawa, H Noto, K Akasaka (Faculty of Engineering, Iwate University)
S Nimori (NIMS)
N Kobayashi (Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University)
R Suryanarayanan, A Revcolevschi (Université de Paris-Sud)

Magnetotransport Properties of Perovskite Type 3d Transition Metal Oxides - Magnetic Field Induced Insulator-to-Metal Transition in Gd0.5Sr0.5MnO3 -
S Nakamura, T Toriumi (School of Science and Engineering, Teikyo University)
S Nimori (NIMS)

Study on electro-magunetic force using Ta-FRS-Nb3Sn coil
S Umeda, K Arai, H Takana (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
K Umegawa, Y Fukazawa, T Iwamura, S Minowa T Takao (Sophia University)
A Sato (NIMS)

High-field Performance of Nb3Sn Superconductors Prepared by a New Process
K Tachikawa, Y Koyata, T Nakaze (School of Engineering, Tokai University)
T Takeuchi (NIMS)

Jc properties of low hysteresis loss type internal-tin processed Nb3Sn wires in high magnetic field
K Egawa, A Kubo, T Nagai, T Sone, H Ikeda, M Hasegawa (Advanced Technology R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
T Takeuchi, M Kosuge, M Yuyama (NIMS)

Effect of third-element additions on the upper critical field of bronze-processed Nb3Sn (II)
H Kurahashi, K Ito, S Matsumoto, T Kiyoshi (NIMS)
Y Murakami, H Yasunaka (Japan Superconductor Technology Inc.)
T Miyazaki (Kobe Steel Ltd.)
H Wada (University of Tokyo)

Development of (Nb,Ta)3Sn Superconducting Wire by TS-PIT Process
T Miyazaki, H Kato, K Zaitsu, T Miyatake (Kobe Steel Ltd.)
T Kiyoshi, M Kosuge (NIMS)

Characteristics in high field region on rectangular shaped Nb3Sn superconducting wire using 16wt%Sn bronze
Y Murakami, H Yasunaka, S Hayashi, Y Ohtani (Japan Superconductor Technology Inc.)
H Kurahashi, K Ito, T Kiyoshi (NIMS)
H Wada (University of Tokyo)

Trial manufacture of a 5kA-class cable-in-conduit conductor using RHQT processed Nb3Al wires
T Takeuchi, M Kosuge, T Kiyoshi, S Banno, Y Iijima, A Kikuchi (NIMS)

Development of Nb3Al superconducting wire for accelerator magnets
K Tsuchiya, A Terashima (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)
T Takeuchi, S Banno, S Nimori (NIMS)
J Obama, Y Seki, M Ohno, K Okamoto, K Nakamura, T Takao (Sophia University)

Development of long-length Nb3Al superconducting wire fabricated by RHQT process
K Tagawa, T Takeuchi, S Banno, Y Iijima, A Kikuchi, H Kitaguchi (NIMS)
Y Sakurai, G Iwaki (Hitachi Cable Ltd.)

Microstructure and superconducting properties of Sn-added Nb3Al
S Saito (Ashikaga Institute of Technology)
N Kodaira (Graduate school, Ashikaga Institute of Technology)
A Kikuchi, Y Iijima, S Banno, T Takeuchi (NIMS)

Critical current characteristics of Bi-based high Tc superconducting tape at different magnetic fields and temperatures
H Okamoto (Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc.)
K Ito (NIMS)

Critical Current density of Bi-2212 wires in high magnetic fields and varying temperatures
T Isono, Y Nabara, K Okuno (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
K Ito (NIMS)

Characteristics of HoBCO coated conductors at low temperature and high magnetic field
S Hahakura, K Ohmatsu (Sumitomo Electric Industries Co. Ltd.)
T Takeuchi (NIMS)

Mechanical characteristics of Bi-2223 Transposed Cable
H Kasahara, H Sakaki, A Ichinose, S Akita (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
T Uede, A Tomioka (Fuji Electric Systems Co. Ltd.)
T Kiyoshi (NIMS)
K Terazono (International Superconductivity Technology Centre)

High Field NMR with a Hybrid Magnet
K Hashi, T Shimizu, A Goto, T Iijima, S Ohki (NIMS)

Development of a nuclear spin polarizer with the optical pumping method: Ill
A Goto, T Shimizu, K Hashi, S Ohki, T Iijima, S Kato, H Kitazawa, I Turkevych, K Takehana, T Takamasu, G Kido (NIMS)

Solid State NMR Study of Anode Material for Lithium-ion Battery
K Goto, T Asaji (College of Humanities and Science, Nihon University)
M Tansho, T Iijima (NIMS)

Property of appended component of 27Al NMR spectrum in K5.6VK-LTA(1.5)
M Igarashi (Gunma National College of Technology)
T Kodaira (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
T Shimizu, A Goto, K Hashi (NIMS)

Fundamental studies on Helical-type Seawater MHD generation System - Experiment and Simulation –
T Okuji, Y Iwamoto, T Akazawa, M Takeda (Faculty of Maritime Science, Kobe University)
S Choi, T Kiyoshi (NIMS)

Magnetic field effect on thermal convection of water
N Hirota (NIMS)
H Nakamura, T Okano (Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo)

Experimental observations and molecular dynamics simulations of interactions among magnetic dipoles induced in feeble magnetic substances
T Ando, N Hirota (NIMS)
A Sato (Akita Prefectural University)
E Beaugnon (Consortium de Recherches pour l'Emergence de Technologies Avancées, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)

Removal of Aerosol by Magnetic Separation
H Okada, H Okuyama, M Uda, N Hirota (NIMS)

Preparation of Ni(OH)2 Nano Plates and Their Behaviour under Magnetic Field
C Chang, F Kimura, T Kimura (NIMS)
H Wada (University of Tokyo)

Magnetic field effects on hydrogen adsorption on an activated carbon fibre at low temperature
S Sasahara, A Yoshitome, T Iiyama, S Ozeki (Faculty of Science, Shinsyu University)
H Abe (NIMS)

Pulsed magnetic field effects on size of vesicles
T Takahashi, S Ozeki (Faculty of Science, Shinsyu University)
O Suzuki, G Kido (NIMS)

Magnetic Field Effect on the Dynamics of Chemical Reaction under Ultrahigh Magnetic Field
M Wakasa, A Hamasaki (Faculty of Science, Saitama University)
T Okada, G Kido (NIMS)

Synthesis of nano-carbons by electrochemical technique using CH3CN under high magnetic field
H Yokomichi (Toyama Prefectural University)
T Sakai, M Ichihara (Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo)
S Nimori, N Kishimoto (NIMS)

Formation of High Quality Protein Crystals for X-ray structure analysis in Microgravity Generated by a Superconducting Magnet
N Wakayama, Y Dachuan, T Kiyoshi (NIMS)

Structural elongation and alignment of ferrite grains of a Fe-0.4C alloy formed during isothermal transformation in a high magnetic field
XJ Hao, H Ohtsuka (NIMS)

Research for nucleation mechanism of transformation in steels under high magnetic fields
Y Kono, Y Nihei, K Nakada (Department of Materials Science, Muroran Institute of Technology)
H Ohtsuka (NIMS)

The low temperature magnetic properties of commercial magnetic steel and austenitic stainless steel
T Nakayama, K Higuchi (Power & Industrial Systems R&D Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.)
S Nimori (NIMS)

Synthesis and Magnetic Orientation of Mono-Substituted Liquid Crystalline Polyacetylene Derivative
K Akagi, H Goto (University of Tsukuba)
S Nimori (NIMS)

Structural change in Chiral Nematic Phase of Cellulose Microfibril Suspension by Magnetic Field
F Kimura, T Kimura (NIMS)
A Hirai, M Ikuno, F Horii (Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University)

Micro-Patterning and Alignments of π-Conjugated Oligomers under Magnetic Field
K Boku, F Kimura (NIMS)
T Kimura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Study on Polymer Rheology under Magnetic Field
M Tamura, S Choi (NIMS)
N Intawong, N Sombatsompop (University of Technology Thonburi)
T Kimura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Orientation of Dye Molecules in DNA-based Membranes with Chain Alignment and Judgment of Their DNA-Binding Modes
N Morii, G Kido (NIMS)
T Konakahara (Tokyo University of Science)
N Morii (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Optical Study of Magnetic Ordered Gel
I Yamamoto, M Yamaguchi, S Kitsutaka, T Takeda (Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University)
T Takamasu (NIMS)

Swelling behaviour of poly(N-isopropylacrylaniide) gels under high magnetic fields
I Ohtsuka, S Ozeki (Faculty of Science, Shinsyu University)
H Abe (NIMS)