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Quotations that scientists use:

I brouse through the websites of various scientists, talked to many and found interesting set of quotes. I was just wondering about the scientific community, what kind of philosophies run through their subconscious minds.Here are some collections, these may or may not be my views:

1. Delusion arises from anger. The mind is bewildered by delusion. Reasoning is destroyed when the mind is bewildered. One falls down in life, everywhere. Always take one hour to respond if angry.


Eat your anger, kill your emotion, float your mind, thats the way to be a scientist.


Only the silent waveless ocean detects the sound of a pin drop.


2. The character of a scientist reflects in his research work. Quality of a research work is inversely proportional to its quantity. More is the originality, less you have to speak.


3. How long a research work would survive depends on how much truth has been poured into the package, be it your paper, or your patent.


4. If a scientist says that your research work is great, then surely you have done nothing, he just want to get rid of your junks. If the scientist works hard to prove that he doesnt understand your research, shows his skepticism, then you have done something. If the scientist gets angry, tells all your stuffs bogous, all rubbish, impossible, then you might have done something important.


Apprehension of your research work is inversely proportional to its originality.


5. True scientific contribution of a scientist in a research paper is 100 divided by (number of authorsXimpact factor of that journalXnumber of pages in the paper).


6. Self-citation of more than 20% in a paper is a crime, less than 10% is an idiocy.


7. Cooking a story is more important than originality for publishing a paper in a high impact journal. Hiding a negative without dishonesty is more important than a factful paper writing.


8. Reviewers are angels of god. Their idiocy is your boon if the paper is not rejected; so never get upset with a bad report. Everything they say are words from the heaven.