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In this section you can download materials those are used in our past publications. And side by side you can find beautiful theoretically simulated images and scanning tunneling microscopic images measured by us in the last couple of years. None of these images were used for publication.


If you want to use them for publication, you dont need to contact me, simply simply quote that "this image is produced by anirban bandyopadhyay in the national institute for materials science, Tsukuba, Japan". And there you go.


There are some movies which are taken from the published papers. You have my permission to use them. Dont need to contact me. However, please get publishers permission.





1. DDQ organic monolayer (Scanning Tunneling Microscope Image), each molecule has a size of 0.7 nm, distance between two molecules 1.01 nm




You might like to have a journey through organic monolayer.


See Movie: A journey through an organic monolayer of DDQ.


2. DDQ monolayer is blast off to prove that it is monolayer.




3. DRQ on a Gold Chip, they assembled in this way, without any external agent.




4. Picture of nano brain on gold (111) surface. Measured at room temperature.






Contact: Anirban Bandyopadhyay, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan-305-0037