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Final nano brain surface will be covered by nano neurons constructing a cellular automata or a cellular neural net.


We wish to implement cellular automata (CA) and cellular neural net (CNN)in our nano brain hardware. The idea has already been discussed in literatures. And to know how are we going to implement CA or CNN on our nano brain read our IJNMC paper on massive nano brain architecture with 100 billion neurons.



First of all I would like to explain the differences between cellular automata and cellular neural network.


Cellular automata and cellular neural network both have 2 D or 3 D array of cells that can reversibly switch between two or more states and at the same time communicate with particular set of neighbors.


When a single equation can describe next state of a cell, then we call it cellular neural net, and when a set of rules are required to describe next state of a cell, then we call it cellular automata.


1. Molecular information theory and theory of molecular machines read this, because as a physicist I find this approach gives me more relief than hardcore CA equations. Also I believe this approach is the best bet for fusing AI and materials science.

2. Cellular automation and artificial life thesis, this is very well documented, make a nice journey.

3. Download cellular automata applets, just to enjoy.

4. Enjoy artificial life on java template


Finally, I would like to say that cellular automata is a very nice world with peoples of very nice taste, here is list of the searches I made, please visit whenever get bored.


The materials we have summarised on this website for the benefit of the reaserchers are of two categories.


First, papers, books and discussions on cellular neural network and second, other available resources available in the net in terms of software, programming language and kits required for such development.


We have also added our reviews on these materials along with the resources, most of these resources are free of charge, and you can download and use them freely.


Before you begin, see this tutorial to understand neural network very simply. Also the most popular book of recent times on CA is A new kind of Science because of its simple writing, read it free online.


At the very begining you may have problem to understand CA rules, so I recommend to use this template, change the rules and see the effects by yourself.


Till now our success is confined within hexagonal cellular automata on the organic monolayer. There are many examples of HCA, and examples of A life. Some sites are even rich with materials, and documents many others existing in the net.




You may wish to download program to run CA rules, Mirec Celebration, Modern Cellular Automata. Cage, SCRA, Dr. Cell, Celab and dont forget Dr. Scheme,


However, I would always say that beauty is at its best in softology, where Jason Rampe have done some fantastic work on disease simulation using CA.


University of Notre Dame group of scientists was the only group before us attempting to fuse molecular electronics and cellular automata. The have made significant contribution to this field of science. Please have a look at their logic gates, and intriguing papers. Our approach of pattern based computing is significantly different from thier approach. Also read Melanie's papers and her thesis.



Is cellular Automata Universal?

Universal computer means you can solve any problem of your choice using same fixed rules. Hardly non CA people believe this to happen. Lets start with a simple example, and there are several literatures published in the last 20 years on CA based universal computing.



How we plan to make our nano brain an universal computer?

1. Spatial evolution is controlled by intelligent grouping of cells. Different grouping allows CA to induce complete different kind of implementation of rules, therefore mimic pattern evolution completely of different nature.


2. Temporal evolution is controlled by modulation of time of interaction depending on nature of local logic states.



Contact: Anirban Bandyopadhyay, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan-305-0037