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Access to MANA

MANA is located at NAMIKI Site, one of three districts of NIMS (National Institute for Materials Science).

Area Map

1-1 Namiki, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0044 JAPAN
TEL. +81-29-860-4610

1-2-1 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0047 JAPAN
TEL. +81-29-859-2000

3-13 Sakura Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0005 JAPAN
TEL. +81-29-863-5570

Access To MANA

By Train

From Tsukuba Sta.

NIMS shuttle bus:
Get out to the Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal from the station through Exit #A3. Take the NIMS shuttle bus at "Bus stop #B". For detailed information, please check the guide of NIMS shuttle bus.
NIMS Shuttle Bus

Kanto-railway bus:
Get out to the Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal from the station through Exit #A4. Take an Arakawaoki-bound local bus at the bus stop #4. Get off at "Busshitsu Zairyo Kenkyu Kiko". (7 minutes ride and 1 minute walk)
Bus Timetable (Kanto-railway's website; Japanese version only)

From Arakawaoki Sta.

Kanto-railway bus:
Get off at JR “Arakawaoki” station and take a Tsukuba Center bound local bus (Kanto Railway: #20, 21A or 26) at the West exit. Then get off at "Busshitsu Zairyo Kenkyu Kiko" (13th stop). Namiki site is located across the street.
Bus Timetable (Kanto-railway's website; Japanese version only)

By Highway Bus

From Tokyo Sta.

Japan Railway Co.(JR) and Kanto Railway Co. operate shuttle bus services between Tokyo and Tsukuba. The busses leave from Tokyo station "YAESU-south exit" (bus stop #3) every 10 to 20 minutes. It takes about 90 minutes to Tsukuba depending on the traffic. Tickets are available at a ticket booth in Highway bus center, which is located in YAESU-south exit. Take a bus, then get off at “Namiki 1-chome”.
Bus Timetable (JR Bus Kanto website: Japanese version only)

From Haneda Airport

The best way to get to Tsukuba from Haneda Airport is to take a shuttle bus service. There are 24 bus services/day coming and going to the airport. The buses leave from the bus stop #13 on the 1F (arrival level). It takes approximately 110 minutes to Tsukuba center (depends on traffic). Take a bus, then get off at “Namiki 1-chome (icchome)”.

From Narita Airport

The easiest way to get to Tsukuba is to take the Airport Liner NATT'S, a shuttle bus service. It departs from bus stop #8 at terminal 1 and bus stop #10 at terminal 2. Tickets are available at Keisei counter, which is located on the 1st floor of each terminal. It takes approximately 100 minutes to Tsukuba center (depends on traffic). Take a bus, and get off at “Tsukuba Center” adjacent to Tsukuba Sta., Ten take a bus or Taxi (see "From Tsukuta Sta.") .

By Car

Take Joban highway to “Sakura Tsuchiura” exit, take a lane to Tsukuba direction, proceed to the second traffic light (Sasagi), intersection of Route 354 and "Higashi o-dori" street; turn right onto "Higashi o-dori" street; continue on this street for a while. Turn right at the 5th traffic light (Sengen2). (approximately 4 blocks ahead on your right, fornt of JAXA gate)


  • 1. Beforehand please download the Visitor Registration Form 1 and 2, and fill in the blanks enclosed in the double line area. Do not forget to print out and hand them in at NIMS gate.
    If you forget Form 1 and 2, they are also available at the NIMS gate.

  • 2. Please show the staff your photo ID (e.g. driver's license, passport, etc) at the NIMS gate.
    In principle, you cannot enter NIMS without an ID.

  • 3. The NIMS gate will check your Visitor Registration Form 1 and 2 and return From 2 to you. We will hand you a Visitor Card for your purpose area, and a Parking Permit, if necessary.

  • 4. You can go to your purpose area with Form 2 and Visitor Card.

  • 5. Please get the person you wish to contact's signature. And return to the NIMS gate the Visitor Card and the Visitor Registration Form 2 (and Parking Permit, if necessary).