World Materials Research Institute Forum

Aim and Scope

Recent advances in computational materials engineering attract huge attentions from various science and engineering fields. In the field of structural materials, it usually takes about 10~20 years to develop new alloys and to apply them to commercial products such as airplane parts. Materials design and development with computational approaches, so called Materials Integration (MI) or Integrated Computation Materials Engineering (ICME), are strongly expected to accelerate new structural materials developments and to reduce total costs, energy losses, and greenhouse gas emission. Such innovation will be a key to establish a sustainable society.

In Japan, SIP (Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program) was established by the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation of the Cabinet Office in order to realize scientific and technological innovation strategically under its initiative. The “Structural Materials for Innovation (SM4I)” is one of the 10 research subjects in SIP and are focusing on structural materials for the application in transportation and energy industries. In this SM4I project, the Materials Integration is considered to be the key technology to accelerate innovative materials developments, and substantial efforts are being made to develop data bases, simulation techniques, and informatics tools for structural material researches.

Giving consideration to this situation, WMRIF 5th young scientists forum focuses on "Structural Materials for Innovation and Integrated Computational Materials Engineering for their Developments" containing various fields related to structural materials and their performances such as high temperature materials for aero engines and gas turbines, composites and lightweight materials for automobiles and airplanes, corrosion resistant materials for infrastructures and biological fields, surface modification and coatings for environmental insulation as well as degradation mechanism modellings and life time prediction/monitoring techniques in various environments. Talented young researchers from research institutes over the world will join and provide lectures of their recent achievements.