National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
Innovative Center of Nanomaterials Science for Environment and Energy (ICNSEE), MEXT Program
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Aim and scope:
  Todayfs environmental problems stem from a relatively new situation: human energy consumption, amounted to be 16 tera Watts, has reached a non-negligible level relative to the earthfs total capacity. To maintain prosperity we need to develop technologies to provide various forms of energy (electrical, thermal, etc.) without degrading the natural environment. In 2009 NIMS established the gInnovative Center of Nanomaterials Science for Environment and Energy (ICNSEE)h to carry out a national project to develop environmental technologies utilizing nanotechnology, sponsored by MEXT. Here, we work on engineering problems to directly applicable to real-world problems. At the same time we explore theoretical and computational approaches to material sciences problems that are relevant in energy providing process starting from solar energy conversion.
  NIMS will hold a series of symposia during July 12th-14th titled gNIMS Conference 2010h. The main topic is gChallenges of Nanomaterials Science: towards the solution of Environment and Energy Problemsh and ICNSEE will serve as the host center. We expect a broad discussion on what material science and nanotechnology should be to solve the environment and energy problems.
  During the NIMS Conference, various activities are planned such as the NIMS Award ceremony, lectures and prospective reviews by Japanese and international leading researchers with the viewpoint of materials science contributing to new environment and energy technologies. Eight organized sessions are also planned. We look forward to welcoming you in Tsukuba at a very fruitful and rewarding NIMS Conference 2010.