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Interfacial Energy Conversion Group

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last update 4, June 2019

Our interest is the chemical reactions at solid/liquid interface where electron transfer plays a key role. We study basic research on electrode catalysis, rechargeable battery-related electrode reactions. We are also intrest in photoenrgy conversion sytem such as organolead-halide perovskite materials for low-cost solar cells and next-generation PV. To understand those enegy conversion systems we also construct and apply in-situ laser spectroscopy system to study the interface structure and dynamics and to contribute to resolving the energy issue.


  • The 72nd GREEN seminar 31, May 2019
    Prof. David Lewis, Professor, Flinders University, Australia
    "The Engineering of Surfaces: from particles to solar cells"
  • NIMS Open house 21, April 2019
  • New Interfacial Energy Conversion Group was started from 1, April 2018.


April 26, 2019
NIMS-Hokkaido Univ. chemistry lab. welcome party in Namiki site
April 15, 2019
New WEB site was open
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