International Symposium on

Nanoarchitectonics for Mechanobiology


Mechanobiology is a scientific field that studies the principle in sensing and generation of physical force in life. Recent studies in this field shed light on the significance of force, comparable to chemical and biochemical cues, in the regulation of biological processes. However, one unique feature in the mechanical regulation, distinct from chemical/biochemical one, is that it can directly react with the multi-layered architectures of living systems, ranging from nano-scale proteins, subcellular organelles, cells, tissues, organs to whole bodies. "International symposium on nanoarchitectonics for mechanobiology" stands at this viewpoint with a special attention to researches on novel molecules and materials to dissect and control mechano-nanoarchitectonics of life. Presentations in the symposium are made by a wide variety of speakers from material science, sensors and actuators, mechanochemistry, interfacial sciences, and of course biology. We hope that all the participants will obtain fresh inspiration from the lectures.

Registration Fee: Free

Date: July 29-30, 2015

Venue: Auditorium, WPI-MANA building, Namiki, NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan (MAP)

Organizers: Jun Nakanishi, Mitsuhiro Ebara (NIMS-MANA)