This workshop will be held at Tsukuba Frontier Hotel Okura, which is located at the center of Tsukuba science city. Since the hotel is next to Tsukuba bus center and Tsukuba railway station, it is very easy to go there.

Thanks to the cooperation from Okura Frontier Hotel, the map around the conference site is available now.
[Japanese] and [English].

The satellite workhop on 19 Jan. 2011 will be held at the large seminar room of the collaboration building in Namiki-site of NIMS. The place is located a few kilometers south from Tsukuba center.

より大きな地図で Graphene Workshop in Tsukuba 2011 and Workshop on Dirac Electron Systems 2011 を表示

Access to Tsukuba and Okura Frontier Hotel

(1) Shuttle bus from Narita International Airport

A shuttle bus is operated between Narita International Airport to Tsukuba Bus Center. It takes about 65 minutes. There are 9 buses a day, you do not need to make a reservation for boarding. The Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba is next to the Tsukuba bus center. The bus fare is 2,540 JPY for one-way.

(2) Tsukuba Express Railway

There is high-speed railway (Tsukuba Express, TX) between Tsukuba and Akihabara/Tokyo. It takes 45 minutes from Akihabara station. The hotel can be reached by 2 minutes walk from Tsukuba station A3 exit to main building.

Some more detailed information is available from Hotel web page.
See here[].

Access to NIMS Namiki-Site (for participant of satellite workshop)

(1) Bus from Tsukuba Bus Center Take an Arakawaoki-bound local bus at the bus stop #4. Get off at "Bushitsu Kenkyujo mae". (7 minutes ride and 1 minute walk)

The departure time: 7:35, 7:50, 8:15, 9:07, 9:50, 10:22

Fare: 190 JPY for one way.

(2) on foot from Tsukuba Bus Center The distance is a few kilometers. It takes about 30 minutes from Tsukuba bus center on foot.
Service provided by NIMS