Graphene - one atom thick plane of graphite - has great nature. The transport of high speed carriers with less scattering in graphene has potential to overcome the limit in current Si-based LSI devices as predicted from Moore’s Law. Moreover, using its ideal 2-D plane atomic structure, graphene can be applied as a giant polyaromatic platform for new method in chemical synthesis. Likewise these fascinating properties of graphene, growth technologies have to be established in the selective or large-scale without defects. This workshop will provide to reaffirm on recent research progress of Japan in graphene with world-leading researchers from physics and chemistry's point of view, and to discuss on graphene growth and characterization toward feasible applications.

Conference date

Jan 17(Mon) - 18(Tue), 2011 at Okura Frontier Hotel
Jan 19(Wed), 2011 at NIMS Namiki-site (satellite)


Okura Frontier Hotel, Tsukuba City, Japan
3rd Floor Conference Room "Jupiter" in main bldg.


On Jan 19(Wed), 2011, we have a satellite conference on Dirac electron systems. For further information, please visit the following page.
Conference site moves to the Collaboration Bldg, at Namiki-Site in NIMS.


On Jan 17(Mon), 2011, the workshop banquet will be held at Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba, Annex 1st floor banquet room "SUBARU". The participation fee is 5,000 JPY for each. But it is 2,000 JPY for students. Please declare in the occasion of your registration.


The partipation in the workshop is free of charge. However, because of the capacity of the conference hall, the people who want to participate the workshop are kindly requested to register in advance.

The detail of the registraion can be found in the registration page(Click Here).

Organizing committee

Chairman Yasuhiro Horiike NIMS
Toshiaki Enoki Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kazuhito Tsukagoshi MANA/NIMS
Katsunori Wakabayashi MANA/NIMS
Satoshi Moriyama MANA/NIMS
Susumu Okada University of Tsukuba
Kazuyuki Takai Tokyo Institute of Technology
Manabu Kiguchi Tokyo Institute of Technology


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