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CMSUC | The Computational Materials Science Unit Colloquium

Organized by Computational Materials Science Unit

CMSU Colloquium is a series of seminars organized by the Computational Materials Science Unit (CMSU) .
The aim of these seminars is as follows;

We look forward to your participation.


You can find the abstracts of CMSU colloquia here.

CMS | Computational Materials Science Seminar

Coordinators: Dr. Masao Arai (MPT group), Dr. Yoshihiko Nonomura (TM group), and Dr. Yoshitaka Tateyama (MANA)

The CMS seminar aims at discussion of fundamental theories and calculational methods, as well as individual problems in materials science. The CMS seminar covers the follows;

Each seminar is organised by a different member working on theoretical/computational materials science in NIMS. The CMS seminar is open for everyone. All interested are welcome. This seminar is an official activity of the NIMS-CMSU.

CMS Seminar Archives

You can find the abstracts of previous CMS seminars here.

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