\Functional Modules Group
Director General
Dr. Eiji Muromachi
The Advanced Materials Laboratory (AML) was established under the 
umbrella of an independent administrative institution, the National Institute
 for Materials Sciende (NIMS) on Aprin 1, 2001.
AML will continue to promote fundamental and basic research activities 
focusing on materials science futuristically and from a global perspective. 
\Boride Group
\High Pressure Group
\Non-oxide Ceramics Group
\Electroceramics Group
\Functional Glass Group
\Soft Chemistry Group
\Super Diamond Group
\Plasma Processing Group
\Opto-Single Crystal Group
\Crystal Structure Analysis Group
\Advanced Beam Analysis Group
\Macromolecular Function Oxides Group
\Supermolecules Group
\Special Subjects Group
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