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Short-term Research Assistant

Students of universities and colleges to which GREEN open-lab guest researchers are associated with, are strongly encouraged to participate in advanced research of open-lab.

GREEN short-term research assistants who are students of university, college of technology of GREEN open-lab guest researcher belongs, are expected to actively participate to open-lab with state-of-art research of NIMS. GREEN will subsidize travel and accommodation related expenses associated with visiting NIMS.

Mr. Shun Tanno

Mr. Shun Tanno
National Institute of Technology, Tsuruoka College

GREEN researchers gave me enthusiastic advices about my research and career path, and the motivation for my research has improved very much. In addition, working as a GREEN Short-term RA in the English0spoken environment, I got that I need to improve my English more. I had a very good experience to learn the latest research and the ideas from GREEN researchers.

Dr. Shigeharu Ito

Dr. Shigeharu Ito
Kanagawa University
(Present: Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology, Tsuruoka College)

I successfully improved my skills for the experiment because of professional guidance for the application of excellent research equipment to my research. Also, the discussion with scientists provided me unique idea to build up the conclusion of my research. I was able to have precious experience to think over what research is using this opportunity.