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About Center for Functional Sensor & Actuator

There is a limit to what people can do, the task of finding the necessary information from overflowing information and analyzing it was a burden, and the labor and scope of action were restricted due to age and varying degrees of ability.
Also, due to various restrictions on issues such as a decreasing birthrate and aging population and local depopulation, it was difficult to respond adequately.
Social reform (innovation) in Society 5.0 will achieve a forward-looking society that breaks down the existing sense of stagnation, a society whose members have mutual respect for each other, transcending the generations, and a society in which each and every person can lead an active and enjoyable life.

Society 5.0 achieves a high degree of convergence between cyberspace (virtual space) and physical space (real space).
For that purpose, it is necessary to collect information in physical space using various sensors and collect big data, and to provide new value to physical space.

Also, as one of the means to provide new value, an apparatus (actuator) that enables unprecedented operation or action will be important.
In June 2018, NIMS launched a project to provide sensors and actuators
that surpass existing technologies.
In this project, research and development of sensors and actuators and the elemental technologies to operate them will be conducted based on the research of materials, aiming to develop practical devices.

We have also set up agriculture and healthcare as specific applications for the device.
And, as a characteristic system of this project, we have put in place a system based on theme setting research and public offering type research.
We comprehensively promote research and development while collaborating with domestic and overseas universities, public research institutes, and private companies.

Through this project, we will develop as many devices as possible and work towards early social implementation of the system.

Director Jin KAWAKITA
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