International Conference on Science and Technology of Pharmaceutical Glass

Hosted by
National Institute for Materials Science, Medical Soft Matter Group
Chiba University, Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology

Co-hosted by
The Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan
Forum for Pharmaceutical Technology Innovation

When : Aug. 10th, 2023
Where : National Institute for Materials Science, Sengen site (Tsukuba, Japan)

This conference (ICSTPG) is organized as a satellite symposium for the 9th International Discussion Meeting on Relaxations in Complex Systems (9IDMRCS), which will be held from Aug 12th to 18th, 2023, at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan. 9IDMRCS has a session on pharmaceutical glasses, for which focus will be made on solid-state dynamics of glass. ICSTPG will cover wider topic on pharmaceutical glasses, which may include dissolution and in vivo performance of the pharmaceutical glasses as well as their solid state dynamics. Those who are involved in scientific researches on pharmaceutical glasses as well as industrial researchers working on poorly soluble drugs are highly welcome to this conference to exchange scientific and practical ideas on various aspects of pharmaceutical glasses.

Confirmed speakers
Frederic Affouard (University of Lille) "Impact of very low concentration of water on the dynamics of amorphous pharmaceuticals"
Natalia Correia (University of Lille) "Interests of dielectric relaxation spectroscopy to investigate different properties of pharmaceuticals"
Marc Descamps (University of Lille) "Milling as a tool to manipulate and screen amorphism and polymorphism"
Keith Gordon (University of Otago) "Detecting local glass-transition temperatures in amorphous materials with low frequency raman spectroscopy"
Kenjirou Higashi (Chiba University) "Crystallization of amorphous drug nanoparticle in water"
Dijana Jelic (University of Banja Luka) "Using the kinetic triplet to assess solid dispersion thermal stability"
Kohsaku Kawakami (NIMS) "Impact of liquid-liquid phase separation on oral absorption of supersaturated drugs"
Justyna Knapik-Kowalczuk (University of Silesia) "Tunable physical state of aripiprazole in the presence of mesoporous silica materials"
Tamaki Miyazaki (NIHS) "Observation of crystallization of amorphous acetaminophen by submicron x-ray computed tomography"
Kunikazu Moribe (Chiba University) "Characterization of drug nanosuspension"
Eric Munson (Purdue University) "Understanding structural mobility and crystallization in amorphous pharmaceutical systems using solid-state NMR spectroscopy"
Marian Paluch (University of Silesia) "On the various factors controlling the physical stability of amorphous pharmaceuticals"
Ivo Rietveld (University of Rouen-Normandie) "Second harmonic generation as a sensitive tool to study recrystallization stability in atrovastatin calcium - PVP mixtures"
Satyavrata Samavedi (IITH) "Design strategies for electrospun drug carriers: towards predictable drug release"
Daniel Treffer (MeltPrep) "ASD development with milligrams"
Keisuke Ueda (Chiba University) "NMR-based characterization of liquid-liquid phase separation of supersaturated drug"

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Name of attendee
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Registration fee : 5,000 yen (1,000 yen for students) Please pay at the venue.
Registration fee is waived for invited speakers and attendees from companies participating Pharmaceutical MOP

Oral presentation
Please send an e-mail to the contact address if you wish to present your research as an oral presentation.
The presentation time is 12 min, followed by discussion for 3 min. Poster presentation is not available.
The available slot is limited. We will stop accepting the presentation when the slots are occupied.

Access to venue
NIMS is in walk distance from Tsukuba station. However, it takes nearly 20 min, and the conference will be held during middle of summer.
A conference bus will depart from Tsukuba station at 9 a.m. The detail will be informed to registered attendees.
Free NIMS shuttle is also available between Tsukuba station and NIMS.
Access to NIMS

Kohsaku Kawakami
National Institute for Materials Science
E-mail. (replace # with @)
Phone: +81-29-860-4424