NIMS Shuttle Bus connects 3 sites in Tsukuba and TX Tsukuba station

2022.09.21 Update

NIMS operates shuttle buses for the visitor to NIMS in Tsukuba area. Shuttle buses connect each site -Sengen, Namiki, Sakura- and TX Tsukuba Station. Some of them go through University of Tsukuba.

Due to the situation that novel coronavirus infection is re-epidemic in the area including Tokyo,
the NIMS shuttle bus services as follows.

  1. Passengers should wear a mask and refrain from talking in the bus.
        (Those who do not wear a mask, please refrain riding the bus.)
  2. The bus will be drived with the windows open.


Driving Route

Route Map

Bus Station

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Procedure for Entering to NIMS

The procedure is required to all the visitors who visit NIMS. We accept the procedure in each campus.