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Synthesis and characterization of oxide nanosheet phosphors.
We have synthesized a new type of oxide nanosheet phosphors which incorporate rare-earth ions as photoactivators in intra-nanosheet structures, and fabricated films of such nanosheets. In addition, dispersion solution of these new nanosheets can be used as transparent phosphor paint.
[1] T. C. Ozawa, K. Fukuda, K. Akatsuka, Y. Ebina, T. Sasaki, “Preparation and Characterization of the Eu3+ Doped Perovskite Nanosheet Phosphor: La0.90Eu0.05Nb2O7”, Chem. Mater., 19, 6575-6580 (2007).

Development of novel surface modification using two-dimensional nanosheets for thin film deposition.
The nanosheets have a great potential to lead well-controlled crystal growth on their surfaces. Unilamellar nanosheet seed layer with a molecular-level thickness can promote oriented growth of various oxides. The nanosheet seed layer method is expected to offer great potential for advances in thin film technology.
[1] T. Shibata, K. Fukuda, Y. Ebina, T. Kogure, T. Sasaki, “One-Nanometer-Thick Seed Layer of Unilamellar Nanosheets Promotes Oriented Growth of Oxide Crystal Films”, Adv. Mater., 20, 231-235 (2008).

Synthesis and assembly of ferromagnetic titania nanosheets.
Co- or Fe- incorporated titania nanosheets act as room-temperature ferromagnet and their magnet-optical performance can be tuned by tuning the deposition sequence of nanoassemblies.

High-k dielectric nanofilms fabricated from titania nanosheets.
We have developed a novel fabrication procedure for high-k devices by using titania nanosheets. Solution-based layer-by-layer deposition combined with an atomically flat SrRuO3 electrode produces atomically uniform multilayer nanofilms. These nanofilms exhibit high relative dielectric constants of approximately 125, even for thicknesses down to 10 nm, in contrast to size-induced degradation in typical high-k materials.
[1] M. Osada, Y. Ebina, H. Funakubo, S. Yokoyama, T. Kiguchi, K. Takada, & T. Sasaki, “High-k dielectric nanofilms fabricated from titania nanosheets”, Adv. Mater., 18, 1023-1027 (2006).

Synthesis of hydroxide nanosheets.
(Left) photographs of colloidal suspension of hydroxide nanosheets, Mg2/3Al1/3(OH)2 and Co2/3Al1/3(OH)2.
(Right) AFM image and schematic structure of hydroxide nanosheets.

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