【 Collaborators from Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic) 】
Dr. Jiri Prchal (Sep. 15, 2004 - Sep. 14, 2005)
   Theme at NIMS : "Magnetism in a rare-earth intermetallic compounds"
Mr. Mihalik Matus (Oct. 17, 2006 - Oct.16, 2007)
   Theme at NIMS : "Instabilities of felectron states of compounds based on light lanthanides"
Mr. Bohdan Nahlovskyy (Oct. 2007 - Oct. 2008)
   Theme at NIMS :
   "Study of the voltage-induced bistable switching effect for an anodic porous alumina thin film"

【 Research fellow and office assistant 】
<< 特別研究員 >>
児子 精祐
 Seisuke NIGO, NIMS Fellow
柳町 治
<< 研究業務員 及び 事務業務員 >>
橋本 すみえ
Sumie HASHIMOTO, Research Assistant
松本 聖子
Seiko MATSUMOTO, Research Assistant
高木 昌子
Masako TAKAGI, Research Assistant
小野寺 奈美子
Namiko ONODERA, Research Assistant
小倉 淳子
Junko OGURA, Secretary
 Research fellows, collaborators and office assistant
 Group leader and researchers
北澤 英明
<Group Leader>
長谷 正司
Masashi HASE
鈴木 博之
Hiroyuki SUZUKI
間宮 広明
Hiroaki MAMIYA
辻井 直人
Naohito TSUJII

加藤 誠一
Seiichi KATO

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