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Our goal
1) Development of a multi-purpose pattern fitting software,
  post-RIETAN2000 (made at NIMS), with maximum-entropy Pattern method

2) Eastablishment
of a multi-scale characterization by neutron scattering
  to develop novel functional (magnetic, superconducting, fuel cell, structural, etc) materials.

Features of neutron as a scientific probe
1. Large penetrative power
Since the neutron is an electrically neutral particle, it is deeply penetrating.

2. Discrimination ability of the isotope
Interact with nucleus not electron loud.

3. Interference and energy transfer effect
The neutrons cause pronounced interderence and enegy transfer effects
   in scattering experiments.

4. Very tiny magnet
Interaction with the internal magnetic field in the sample

Recent Research
1) Development of a new software for the structural analysis by MPF (MEM-based Pattern Fitting) method
   Multi-purpose pattern fitting system, RIETAN-2000 as the standard structural analysis for powder diffraction data:
   1. Disorderd atomic configurations
   2. Chemical bonds
   3. Nonlocalized electrons
   4. Anharmonic thermal motion
   Next-generation pattern-fitting system RIETAN-FP (Dec. 2007 - )

2) Development of multi-scale Characterization technique by the labo-small angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) instrument
   Evaluation of nano-particles with 100nm diameter in iron-based materials
                                         by the newly developed labo-SAXS instrument

3) Growth of single crystals with high quality
   ・Infrared-image furnace for the floating zone method
   ・High-temperature furnace for the Bridgman method

4) 3D-Visualization of migration pathway for mobile ions by MPF method
   Elucidation of migration pathway for mobile ions in solid electrolyte
     (secondary battery, solid-oxide fuel cell, proton conductor etc.)

5) Discrimination of Nanostructures in Co-Al-O Granular Films
6) Observation of Ordering of Electron Freedom (Change, Spin and Orbital)
          Combination of Neutron and X-ray Scattering

7) General rules of isostructural phase transition in rare-earth RTAI (T=Ni, Pd) compounds

Members and Collaborators
 Please visit our member page for the information of Neutron Scattering Group members.

 Some Ph.D. students from Charles University in Czech Republic have joined us as collaborators.
  Dr. Jiri Prchal (Sep. 15, 2004 - Sep. 14, 2005)
   Theme at NIMS : "Magnetism in a rare-earth intermetallic compounds"
  Mr. Mihalik Matus (Oct. 17, 2006 - Oct.16, 2007)
   Theme at NIMS : "Instabilities of felectron states of compounds based on light lanthanides"
  Mr. Bohdan Nahlovskyy (Oct. 2007 - Oct. 2008)
   Theme at NIMS :
   "Study of the voltage-induced bistable switching effect for an anodic porous alumina thin film"

Members and Collaborators


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