Nano Characterization Unitr (NCU)
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Fujita Daisuke:Cordinating Director of Advanced Key Technologies Research Division
Managing Director of Nano Characterization Unit, GREEN Cordinator of Global Research center for Environment and Energy based on Nanomaterials Science
Research Interest:Nano surface physics, Extremely high vacuum physics, Photoelectron spectroscopy
E-mail: FUJITA.Daisuke Tel: +81-29-859-2741/ Fax: +81-29-859-2801
Ishioka Kunie: Senior Research Scientist
Research Interest:Ultrafast Spectroscopy on Semiconductors/Metals, Electron-phonon Interaction in Solids, Electron/energy Transfer at Interfaces
E-mail:ISHIOKA.Kunie Tel:029-859-2835 Fax: 029-859-2801

Onishi Keiko: Researcher
Research Interest:Surface Science
E-mail:ONISHI.Keiko Tel: +81-29-859-2740
/ Fax: +81-29-859-2801
Sagisaka Keisuke: Researcher
Research Interest: Surface Physics, Photolithography
E-mail: SAGISAKA.Keisuke Fax: 029-859-2801
Anirban Bandyopadhyay: Researcher
Research Interest: Molecular Electronics,Artificial Intelligence
URL: Bandyopadhyay/site/index.htm
E-mail:Anirban.BANDYOPADHYAY Tel.029-859-2167/ Fax:009-859-2801

Droctoral Research Fellow                            
Visiting Researcher 
Satyajit Sahu: Research Fellow
Research Interest : Molecular Neuron
E-mail :SAHU.Satyajit Tel: 029-859-2000(ext.6267) / Fax: 029-859-2801
Hongxuan Guo: Research fellow
Research Interest: Nano Surface Physics, Scanning probe Microscopy
E-mail: GUO.Hongxuan
Tel: 029-859-2000(ext.6745) / Fax: 029-859-2801
Nobuyuki Ishida : Research Fellow
Research Interest : STM, Surface electronic Science
E-mail: ISHIDA.Nobuyuki Tel:029-859-2000(ext.3874) / Fax:029-859-2801
Subrata Ghosh : Research Fellow
Research Interes: Design and synthesis of nano-factory for the making of nano-brain
E-mail :GHOSH.Subrata Tel: 029-859-2000(ext.3865) / Fax:029-859-2801

Perez Leon Carmen: Research Fellow
Research Interest:Surface Science, Organic Solar Cells
E-mail:PEREZLEON.Carmen Tel: 029-859-2000(ext.3891) / Fax:029-859-2801
  Michael Marz: JSPS Research Fellow
Research Interest:Scanning Probe Microscopy

E-mail:MARZ.Michael Tel: 029-859-2000(ext.3829) / Fax:029-859-2801

Tamaki Iwasaki : Research Assistant
IWASAKI.Tamaki Tel: +81-29-859-2000(ext:3997) / Fax: +81-29-859-2801
Kitahara Masayo: Research Assistant
KITAHARA.Masayo Tel: +81-29-859-2000(ext:3771) / Fax: +81-29-859-2801
Kumakura Tsuyako: Research Assistant
E-mail: KUMAKURA.Tsuyako Tel: +81-29-859-2000(ext:3761) / Fax: +81-29-859-2801
Okuzawa Keiko: Secretary
E-mail:OKUZAWA.Keiko Tel: +81-29-859-2000 (ext:6546) / Fax: +81-29-859-2801
Ohmori Yoko : Secretary
E-mail:OHMORI.Yoko Tel:+81-29-859-2000 (ext.6546) / Fax:+81-29-859-2801
 Former Members 
 Present position  Itakura(Nakamura)Akiko:
 Research Interest:Surface Science, Vacuum Physics, Surface Stress
 E-mail: ITAKURA.Akiko Tel: 029-859-2841 / Fax: 029-859-2801
 Present position  Jian-Hua Gao: Research Fellow of ICYS
 Research Interest:Scanning Probe Microscopy
 E-mail: GAO.Jian-Hua Tel: 029-859-2000(ext.6326)/ Fax: 029-859-2801

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