Research News

A video of "Pave the Way for a Nanoelectronics World" (Masakazu Aono, leader of Nanoscale Quantum Conductor Array project, ICORP, JST) was selected for a TEPIA grand prize in the 18th TEPIA video contest.
[1] TEPIA Video contest
[2] Science Frontier 21
[3] Nanoscale Quantum Conductor Array project
A conducting polymer chain forms when a voltage pulse is applied to a single molecule in a self-assembled molecular layer such as the one simulated here. The next step is to wire such conductive chains to individual molecules to create nanoscale electronic and photonic devices.
The figure is used as a cover of Physics today Vol 61 Iss.12(2008).
Yuji Okawa received "MNC 2008 Award for Most Impressive Presentation Award".

We studied contact formation between a ZnO nanowire and electrodes. In the first method, the electrodes were made on the ZnO nanowire using conventional lithographic technique. In the second, an AFM probe was used to move the nanowire onto prepared electrodes. Electrodes made of Ga-doped ZnO showed good electrical contact with the nanowire after annealing. The results demonstrate arrangement of nanowires into desired position to create novel functionality.
"Electrical properties of individual ZnO nanowires", Nanotechnology 20, 155203 (2009)
The paper is selected for Highlights 2009 and Best of 2008 and 2009 in "Electronics and Photonics" field of Nanotechnology.

Group News

July, 2009
Liu Kewei joined as a MANA postdoctoral fellow
June, 2009
Romain Ceolato joined as a NIMS internship student for 3months
February, 2009
Swapan K. Mandal joined as a MANA postdoctral fellow