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  エコカーとして急速に普及し始めている電気自動車(EV)、IoT社会で大量のデータを蓄えるハードディスクドライブ(HDD), 次世代の省エネコンピューティングメモリとして開発の進んでいる磁気抵抗ランダムアクセスメモリ(MRAM)、これら現代社会になくてはならない磁気応用製品は磁性材料の革新によって可能になってきました。

  NIMSは世の中を大きく変えた磁気応用技術につながった材料の発明・開発で顕著な業績を挙げられた2名の材料科学者に2018年度NIMS AWARDを授与いたします。世界最強ネオジム磁石の発明者の佐川眞人博士とスピントロニクス応用の契機となった室温巨大トンネル磁気抵抗素子の発明者の宮﨑照宣博士です。




  Electric vehicles (EV) are rapidly replacing existing cars, hard disk drives (HDD) can store big data in the IoT society, and magnetoresistive random access memories (MRAM) are being used as nonvolatile memory for computing. These applications were made possible by the innovation of magnetic materials.

  NIMS will present the 2018 NIMS AWARD to two material scientists who have made epoch-making inventions in magnetic and spintronic materials. Dr. Masato Sagawa invented the world's strongest neodymium magnet that is now used for motors for EVs and HDDs, and Dr. Terunobu Miyazaki invented the room temperature tunneling magneto-resistance device that led to real spintronic applications such as read sensors in HDDs and memory cells in MRAMs.

  At the 2018 NIMS AWARD lecture, the award recipients will present overview lectures on how each material invention was made and how it was developed for practical use. Following the awards lectures, other distinguished scientists in relevant areas will give lectures on recent advances in permanent magnets, magnetic data storage, and magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM). This academic symposium will provide an overview of the current status and future prospects of the state-of-the-art material research in magnetic and spintronics applications.

  Everyone is welcome to participate in the 2018 NIMS AWARD Lectures and Symposium. All the lectures will be presented in both Japanese and English through simultaneous interpretation and is intended for participants with various backgrounds in science and engineering.

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