International Workshop Topology the new horizon of materials science and nanophotonics


Recent years have seen a surge of research interests on topological states in electronic systems, with the highlight being the Nobel Prize in Physics 2016. The concept of topology has also been extended to various bosonic systems and physical waves, and the topological interface transport immune to back scattering and robust to disorder is expected to provide a new facet towards realizing novel properties and innovative functionality in various device applications. This workshop provides a platform for overviewing the new trends and perspectives of the whole field of topology physics.

In 2014 WPI-MANA organized the international workshop “Topology in the new frontiers of materials science”, which attracted a large number of participants and stimulated a lot of fruitful research activities. The upcoming event is the second edition of the WPI-MANA international workshop series on topology, which also serves as a kick off for the CREST Project “Creation of novel topological states and innovative functionality based on artificial graphene” supported by JST. We look forward to your active participation. Workshop Poster PDF

Album of 2019 Workshop

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