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It is our great pleasure to announce the International Workshop on “Topology in the New Frontiers of Materials Science” on April 1st and 2nd, 2014, organized by WPI-MANA, NIMS.

The discovery of the integer quantum Hall effect by Dr. Klaus von Klitzing opened a new chapter in condensed matter physics. It was revealed theoretically that the integer coefficient in Hall conductance is given by the Chern number for the topological Berry phase of electronic wave functions. Since then to explore possible topological states has been one of the main driving forces in study of condensed matter physics. A breakthrough in this direction is the discovery of quantum spin Hall effect, which has triggered tremendous research activities.

Topological superconductivity with Majorana quasiparticle excitations has also been attracting significant attention, with the hope that the Majorana’s obeying the non-Abelian statistics can be used to implement decoherence-free quantum computation.

With a full panel of top-notch scientists from the world, the purpose of this workshop is to highlight the recent progresses in the field of topological states and phenomena, and discuss possible new frontiers of materials science with topology as the central concept.