Next Generation of Optimists

partners: MANA, NIMS, NEC, JST
International Symposium on Atomic Switch: Invention, Practical Use and Future Prospects

Workshop Chair:  Huynh Thien Ngo
International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (WPI-MANA)
National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

Date: 31st July - 1st August, 2017
Venue: Auditorium, WPI-MANA building,
Namiki site, NIMS, Tsukuba, JAPAN


The key of success in Material and Nanoscience research lay in the understanding of the interplay of different fields; chemistry, physics, biology etc. This workshop gathers experts of various research areas to create an incentive workshop where not only seminars play an important role, but the interdisciplinary and collaborative interactions form the core of the meeting. International invited speakers have gained esteem in their respected field. Among them are young rising stars, which will lead the Next Generation of Optimistic and creative young scientists.

Invited Speakers

  • Willi Auwärter (TUM, Germany)
  • Wim Dehaen (KU Leuven, Belgium)
  • Hisashi Abe (AIST, Japan)
  • J. Anibal Boscoboinik (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA)
  • Peter Verwilst (Korea University, South Korea)
  • Stoffel Janssens (OIST, Japan)
  • Hamish Yeung (University of Oxford, UK)


Monday 31st July

9:30 Registration
9:45 Welcoming Speech
Ngo Huynh Thien (WPI-MANA, NIMS)
10:00 Keynote Lecture
Katsuhiko Ariga (WPI-MANA, NIMS)
“How Can We Control Molecular Machines? nm-Tip or cm-Hand”

10:30 - 12:30
Session 1: Organic Materials
Chair: Katsuhiko Ariga (WPI-MANA, NIMS)

10:30 - 11:00 Wim Dehaen (KU Leuven, Belgium)
“New methods towards 1,2,3-triazoles”
11:00 - 11:30 Jonathan Hill (WPI-MANA, NIMS)
“Pyrazinacenes and Oxoporphyrinogens”
11:30 - 12:00 Huynh Thien Ngo (WPI-MANA, NIMS)
“Supramolecular control of and by mechanical interlocked systems”
12:00 - 12:30 Kentaro Tashiro (WPI-MANA, NIMS)
“Controlled sequence as a research target in chemistry and materials science”
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch Break

13:30 - 16:00
Session 2: Inorganic-Hybrid Materials
Chair: Willi Auwärter (TUM, Germany)

13:30 - 14:00 Lok Kumar Shrestha (WPI-MANA, NIMS)
“Fullerene Nanoarchitectonics from Zero-to-Higher Dimensions”
14:00 - 14:30 Hamish Yeung (University of Oxford, UK)
“Making, Modelling, Materialising”
14:30 - 15:00 Victor Malgras (JSPS, WPI-MANA, NIMS)
“An alternative route to confinement in lead halide perovskite quantum dots”
15:00 - 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 - 16:00 Martin Elborg (ICYS-Sengen, NIMS)
“Small-scale off-grid photovoltaic system - stretching the technological system boundaries”
16:00 - 16:30 Joel Henzie (WPI-MANA, NIMS)
“Approaching Challenges in Optics Through the Lens of Colloidal Chemistry”
16:30 - 18:00 Lab Tour
18:00 - 21:00 Banquet at Cafeteria
*For more information, please see "REGISTRATION" and "VENUE".

Tuesday 1st August

9:30 - 12:00
Session 3: Surface and Interface Science
Chair: Wim Dehaen (KU Leuven, Belgium)

9:30 - 10:00 Willi Auwärter (TUM, Germany)
“Nanoscience at interfaces: Insights to functional molecules interacting with surfacesupported graphene or h-BN monolayers”
10:00 - 10:30 Waka Nakanishi (WPI-MANA, NIMS)
“Molecular machines at interfaces”
10:30 - 11:00 J. Anibal Boscoboinik (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA)
“Understanding nanoporous materials with the Tools of Surface Science”
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 - 12:00 Stoffel Janssens (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Japan)
“Marangoni propulsion at curved interfaces”
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch Break

13:00 - 14:00
Session 4: Bio-target Materials
Chair: Waka Nakanishi (WPI-MANA, NIMS)

13:00 - 13:30 Kosuke Minami (WPI-MANA, NIMS)
“Fluid or elastic materials for Cellular scaffolds”
13:30 - 14:00 Peter Verwilst (Korea University, South Korea)
“Mitochondria targeted theranostic drug delivery systems for cancer therapy”

14:00 - 15:30
Session 5: Sensing Materials and Devices
Chair: Jonathan Hill (WPI-MANA, NIMS)

14:00 - 14:30 Hisashi Abe (AIST, Japan)
“Reliable measurement of trace-moisture in gas”
14:30 - 15:00 Genki Yoshikawa (WPI-MANA, NIMS)
“Nanomechanical Sensing Toward Better World”
15:00 - 15:30 Jan Labuta (WPI-MANA, NIMS)
“Multi-responsive porphyrin-based systems'”
15:30 - 16:00 Coffee Break

16:00 - 16:30
Special Session
Chair: Huynh Thien Ngo (WPI-MANA, NIMS)

16:00 - 16:30 Karina Vink (GREEN, NIMS)
“Sustainably scaling up your basic research: environmental considerations for material scientists”
16:30 - Closing Remarks

Download Program (PDF)


Organizing and program committee

  • Kota Shiba (MANA/NIMS, Japan)
  • Waka Nakanishi (MANA/NIMS, Japan)
  • Huynh Thien Ngo (MANA/NIMS, Japan)

Advisory committee

  • Prof. Dr. Wim Dehaen (KULeuven, Belgium)
  • Dr. Katsuhiko Ariga (MANA/NIMS, Japan)
  • Dr. Genki Yoshikawa (MANA/NIMS, Japan)


We appreciate for pre-registration by 21st July, 2017, but on-site registration is also welcome.
Please email the following information to: NGO.Huynhthien[at]

  • Your name
  • Your affiliation and title
  • Your email address and your telephone number
  • Attendance for the Banquet (Monday July 31st, 17:30-21:00) [ Yes or No ]
    *The banquet fee is 2,000 yen for participants, 1,000 yen for students, free of charge for speakers.


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WORKSHOP : Auditorium, WPI-MANA building, Namiki site, NIMS
1-1 Namiki, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0044 JAPAN