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Prof. Xiao Hu
Unit Director/MANA Principal Investigator

Paradigm shift is taking place in materials science and the intimately related condensed matter physics. In stead of serendipity, designs of desirable electronic structures of materials and architectures of systems are expected to play pilot roles. The background of this trend is two-fold: First, the limited available resources and the already heavily damaged environments pose a constraint on new technologies and systems. Secondly, our knowledge and technology are advanced enough such that we are about to be able to put atoms, molecules and blocks of them at the desired positions and to predict the functions of the ensembles.

The nano science and technology is the frontier of this new endeavor. Its primary goal is to miniaturize devices and systems to the limits posed by quantum mechanics, which reduces operation time, increases density of circuit integration, and minimizes energy consumption. However, it is well known that the Si-based electronics will shortly meet their ceiling in the direction of miniaturization.

Superconductivity and magnetism in electron systems, as well as the emerging science of soft condensed matters, share the common feature that material properties are dictated by strong correlations among constituents of the many-body system. There are reasons to believe that major breakthroughs in 21st century technology rely heavily on developments in these areas. The same aspects which make these systems so promising, however, plague most theoretical approaches with serious difficulties, since they are usually based on a one-body picture.

Here we introduce some aspects of these fields and report our activities devoted to pushing their frontiers. We would be pleased you enjoy the materials, and appreciate your comments and suggestions. Devoted scientists and young students are very much welcome to join us.

Xiao Hu
Principal Investigator of MANA
Unit Director of Nano-System Theoretical Physics Unit
Professor of University of Tsukuba


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