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[ NIMS Staffs in the IFCS group ]

LinkIconYoshitaka Tateyama, Ph. D

tateyama_small.jpg+Group Leader, IFCS Group, GREEN, NIMS
+Principal Investigator (PI), MANA, NIMS
+Sub Group Leader, BM Group, CMI2, MaDIS, NIMS
+Member, MOP-Chemical, NIMS
+Project Professor / Principal Investigator (PI), ESICB, Kyoto University

+Principal Investigator (PI), The Priority Study 5 (energy), FLAGSHIP2020, MEXT
+Principal Investigator (PI), JST-ALCA-SPRING (Kanamura team)
+Team Leader, JST-ACCEL (Einaga project)
+Team Leader, JSPS-TOKUSUI (Yamada project)
+Advisor, JST-PRESTO "Science and creation of innovative catalysts (Kitagawa Sakigake)

+DFT exploration of atomic-scale mechanisms in batteries (LIBs and post-LIBs)
+DFT-MD analysis of electrode-water interfaces in catalysts
+DFT investigation of perovskite solar cell
+DFT-based free energy calculations for redox (electron transfer) reactions
+DFT-MD sampling analysis of solid-liquid interfaces
+DFT investigation of solid-solid interfaces

LinkIconRandy Jalem, Ph. D

Randy.jpg+Researcher, IFCS Group, GREEN, NIMS
+Member, BM Group, CMI2, MaDIS, NIMS
+ Project Assistant Professor, ESICB, Kyoto University
+JST PRESTO Researcher “Materials Informatics"

+DFT and machine learning exploration of battery electrolytes and electrodes

NIMS = National Institute for Materials Science
JST = Japan Science and Technology Agency
JSPS = Japan Society for the Promotion of Science,
MEXT = Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

IFCS Group= Interface Computational Science Group
GREEN = Center for Green Research on Energy and Environmental Materials
MANA = International Centre for Materials Nanoarchitecthonics
BM Group = Battery Materials Group
CMI2 = Center for Materials Research by Information Integration
MaDIS = Research and Services Division of Materials Data and Integrated System
MOP= Materials Open Platform
ESICB = Elements Strategy Initiative for Catalysts & Batteries
ALCA-SPRING = Advanced Low Carbon Technology Research and Development Program, Specially Promoted Research for Innovative Next Generation Batteries
ACCEL = Accelerated Innovation Research Initiative Turning Top Science and Ideas into High-Impact Values
“project GREEN” = Global Research Center for Environment and Energy Nanoscience

[ NIMS Staffs in the BM group ]

LinkIconKeitaro Sodeyama, Ph.D

+ Group Leader, MaDIS, NIMS
+ Sub Group Leader, BM Group, CMI2, MaDIS, NIMS
+ Project Associate Professor, ESICB, Kyoto University
+ JST PRESTO Researcher “Materials Informatics

-DFT-MD studies on battery systems
-Electrolyte research via DFT-based data-science technique.

[ Open-labo Researchers in the IFCS-BM groups ]

LinkIconAtsushi Ishikawa, Ph.D

+JST PRESTO Researcher “Innovative Catalysts"
+NIMS Open-labo researcher
+ Project researcher, ESICB, Kyoto University

- First-principles surface micro kinetics study
- Understanding & control of catalytic reaction mechanism
- Machine-learning exploration of electrolyte materials

[ Special Researchers in the IFCS-BM groups ]

LinkIconTakao Tsuneda, Ph.D

+NIMS Special researcher

- Quantum chemical calculations
- Development of novel methods including functionals.

[ Postdocs, Visiting Researchers in the IFCS-BM groups ]

LinkIconLucie Szabova, Ph.D

+NIMS Postdoctoral Fellow

- DFT+U calculations of metal-oxide surface, especially Ceria systems.
- DFT investigations of Na-ion battery anodes

LinkIconShota Iizuka, Ph.D

+NIMS Postdoctoral Fellow

- Diamond/semiconductor-liquid interface
- Oxide surface exploration with FHI-aims

LinkIconAshu Choudhary, Ph.D

+NIMS Postdoctoral Fellow

- Novel types of battery electrolytes

LinkIconMohammad Hussein Naseef Al Assadi, Ph. D

+NIMS Postdoctoral Fellow

- Transition metal oxide for battery cathode
- DFT study on metal interface phenomena

LinkIconBo Gao, Ph.D

+NIMS Postdoctoral Fellow

- All-solid state battery interfaces
- CALYPSO method

LinkIconGanes Shukri, Ph.D

+Research Associate, ESICB, Kyoto University.

- Cathode / electrolyte interfaces

[ Research Assistants / Secretaries in the IFCS group ]

Chifumi Nishimoto, Ms.

+Assistant of the IFCS group, GREEN

Hisayo Sato, Ms.

+Assistant of the IFCS group, GREEN

[ Cooperation Members ]

Eriko Watanabe, Ph. D (Project assistant professor, The University of Tokyo)
Kazuto Akagi, Ph.D (Associate professor, AIMR, Tohoku University)
Christopher James Kirkham, Ph.D (UK)
Andrey Lyalin, Ph. D (PD: Taketsugu Team, "project GREEN")
Yang Sun, Ph. D (PD: Hamada Team, "project GREEN”)
Prof. Ikutaro Hamada, Ph. D (Associate professor, Osaka University)

Former members:

Maofeng Dou, Ph.D
+ electrocatalysis of boron-doped diamond electrode
(NEXT) Max-Planck Institute, Stuttgart

Yu Komatsu, Ph. D
+machine learning techniques

Christopher James Kirkham, Ph.D
+metal surfaces

Ikutaro Hamada, Ph. D
+DFT, GW, van der Waals
+Metal surfaces, solid / liquid interface
(NEXT) Associate Professor, Osaka University

Jun Haruyama, Ph. D
- Interface of All-Solid State Lithium Ion Battery
- Perovskite Solar Cell
(NEXT) Postdoctoral researcher, AIST

Mohammad Hussein Naseef Al Assadi, Ph. D
(NEXT) Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba

Keitaro Sodeyama, Ph.D
+DFT-MD studies on battery issues
+Electrolyte research via DFT-based data-science technique.
(NEXT) Senior Researcher, CMI2, NIMS

Saurabh Srivastava, Ph.D
+ molecular conductance

Hiori Kino, Ph.D
+First principles calculation within/beyond DFT. GW and QMC
+OpenMX, ecalj (Code developing)
(NEXT) Senior Researcher, Data Science G., CMI2, NIMS

Koharu Aikawa
+DFT-based MD simulation of solid/liquid interfaces
(NEXT) A company

Yusuke Ootani, Ph. D
+Dye-sensitized solar cell interface
+Reactions at diamond electrode interfaces
(NEXT) Project assistant professor, Institute for Materials Research (IMR), Tohoku Univ.

Keitaro Sodeyama, Ph. D
+Electrode-electrolyte interfaces in batteries
(NEXT) JST-PRESTO researcher

Zdenek Futera, Ph. D
+Electrocatalysis on diamond electrode
(NEXT) University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Martin Callsen, Ph.D
+Molecules on surface & Lithium-air battery
(NEXT) Singapore

Ryota Jono, Ph.D
+Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell
(NEXT) JST-CREST, The University of Tokyo

Masato Sumita, Ph.D
+Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell

Johan Scheers, Ph.D
(ORIGINAL) Postdoctoral fellow in Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
+Electrolyte in Lithium Ion Battery

Marco Fronzi, Ph.D
(NEXT) Postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Ogata/Prof. Kimizuka group, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka Univ.
+ Defects, surface & interfaces of solid-oxide fuel cell materials

Tomoki Kobori, Ph.D
(NEXT) Postdoctoral fellow, Quantitative Biology Centre, RIKEN.
+ FMO linear combination MO (LCMO) method for biological systems

Chunping Hu, Ph. D
(NEXT) Assistant Professor, Prof. Watanabe group, Department of Physics, Tokyo University of Science
Excited energy calculation based on TDDFT linear response.
Development of TDDFT-based method for Non-Adiabatic Coupling