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We study the physics and fabrication methods for printed electronics devices.

Printing of semiconductor devices under ambient atmospheric conditions is a promising method for large-area, low-cost fabrication of flexible electronic products. At present, however, the relatively low resolution of the printed products due to the difficulty in controlling liquid motion on the surface prevents their use in practical applications. We are therefore developing novel printing and self-assembly techniques for flexible printed electronics such as organic field-effect transistors. We are also engaged in a fundamental investigation of device physics in order to improve the performance of printed electronic products.



2020.9.11    Farewell party for Dr. Sun, Mr. Ding and Mr. Tian.    (more detail)

2020.9.6    We visited Rehabilitation Center for Race Horses.    (more detail)

2020.9.5    Study tour to Iwaki city in Fukushima Prefecture.    (more detail)

2020.7.6    We visited Kasumigaura Lake with Mr. Shinlin Tian and Mr. Changshuai Ding.    (more detail)

2020.4.7    We visited Kairakuen with Mr. Shinlin Tian and Mr. Changshuai Ding.    (more detail)

2020.1.29    We put up a display booth at Nanotech 2020 (Tokyo).    (more detail)

2019.10.25    Dr. Qingqing Sun received Best Poster Award in Flex China 2019.    (more detail)

2019.7.30    Dr. Takeo Minari visited Zhengzhou University in China.    (more detail)

2019.2.1    Thank you very much for visiting our booth at Nanotech 2019 (Tokyo).    (more detail)

2018.12.20    Priways Co., Ltd. got the most excellent award at Tsukuba University EDGE-NEXT.    (more detail)

2018.10.25    Dr. Takeo Minari visited South China Normal University and Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China.    (more detail)

2018.10.10    We had a wellcome party of Dr. Wanli Li.    (more detail)

2017.10.18    Dr. Takeo Minari visited Nanjing University.    (more detail)

2017.10.6    Open lab at NIMS WEEK 2017.    (more detail)

2017.8.29    Prof. Chuan Liu, Dr. Xuying Liu and Dr. Takeo Minari won KIDS Gold Award in IMID 2017.    (more detail)

2017.7.25    We had a wellcome party of Dr. Liu, Mr. Xu and Mr. Wang.    (more detail)

2017.3.30    Thank you very much for visiting our booth at LOPEC 2017 (Munich).    (more detail)

2016.10.7    We had a farewell party of Dr. Liang.    (more detail)

Research Topics


2020.4.1    Ms. Yuko Taki joined us as an administrative staff.

2020.4.1    Ms. Chisato Niikura joined us as a researcher.

2020.1.14    Mr. Shinlin Tian and Mr. Changshuai Ding (Zhengzhou University) joined us as internship students.

2019.9.17    Ms. Agathe Virfeu (Institut Jean Lamour, France) joined us as an internship student.

2019.7.16    Dr. Ruixia Duan (Zhengzhou University) joined us as a visiting researcher.

2019.7.8    Mr. Tianqi Gao (Chinese Academy of Science) joined us as an internship student.

2019.4.8    Ms. Lingying Li joined our group as a Ph.D student.

2018.10.10    Dr. Wanli Li joined us as a Postdoc.

2018.8.14    Our review paper was published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics.
"Functional Biomaterials Towards Flexible Electronics and Sensors"

2018.8.2    Mr. Xian-Lun Luo and Ms. Lin Shao joined us as internship students.

2018.8.1    Mr. Jiankui Zhou, Mr. Guochao Fan, Ms. Binbin Qian, Ms. Xiaofei Cao joined us as trainees.

2018.6.8    The website of "Priways Co., Ltd." appeared.    (go to website)

2018.5.7    Dr. Qingqing Sun joined us as a Postdoc.

2018.4.17    Startup company "Priways Co., Ltd." was established.

2018.1.31    Liang-san's paper was selected as a cover image of Applied Science.
"DNA as Functional Material in Organic-Based Electronics"

2017.9.27    Mr. Fuhua Dai and Mr. Kairong Huang joined us as internship students.

2017.8.3    Ms. Chih-Yu Lin joined us as a internship student.

2017.7.28    Our paper was published in NPG Asia Materials.
"Homogeneous dewetting on large-scale microdroplet arrays for solution-processed electronics"

2017.7.25    Prof. Hongzhi Liu, Mr. Bohao Xu and Mr. Yongtao Wang joined our group.

2017.3.13    Mr. Dai Fuhua joined us as a internship student.

2017.3.8    Our paper was published in Materials Horizons.
"Generating one-dimensional micro- or nano-structures with in-plane alignment by vapor-driven wetting kinetics"

2016.12.2    Our research was introduced by elektronik informationen.    (more detail)

2016.8.17    Our paper was selected as a back cover in Advanced Materials.

2016.7.11    Dr. Lijuan Liang becomes a visiting researcher in our lab.

2016.5.17    Our new paper was published in Advanced Materials.
"Spontaneous Patterning of High-Resolution Electronics via Parallel Vacuum Ultraviolet"

2016.4.11    Our review paper was published in April issue of AAPPS Bulletin "Feature Articles".

2015.5.20    Our research was mentioned in PHOTONICS spectra May issue.

2014.11.17    Ms. Yoko Yoshikawa joined our group as a research assistant.

2014.10.1    Dr. Xu-Ying Liu joined our group as a postdoc.

2014.8.22    Our paper was selected as a front cover in Advanced Functional Materials.

2014.5.9    Our new paper was published in Advanced Functional Materials.
"Room-Temperature Printing of Organic Thin-Film Transistors with pi-Junction Gold Nanoparticles"

2014.4.3    Opening of the group website.

Research Activities


Printed electronics is a technology that allows bottom-up fabrication of electronic devices from functional inks using printing techniques. Large-scale, low-cost production of printed electronic devices is now expected because of the recent development of novel inks and printing techniques. We are pursuing the fabrication of printed electronics by developing novel patterning methods using different functional inks. In particular, we focus on organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) as key devices in next-generation flexible electronics. The physics of charge injection and transport in OFETs is also studied.

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Takeo Minari (Ph. D.)

Nov. 1974    Born in Matsue in Shimane prefecture, Japan.
Apr. 1994 - Mar. 1999    B.S. in The University of Tokyo, Japan
Apr. 1999 - Mar. 2001    Toppan Printing Co. Ltd.
Apr. 2001 - Mar. 2003    M.S. in Kyoto University, Japan
Apr. 2003 - Mar. 2006    Ph.D. in Kyoto University, Japan
Apr. 2006 - Mar. 2009    Special Postdoctoral Fellow in RIKEN, Japan
Apr. 2009 - Mar. 2012    MANA Scientist in NIMS, Japan
Apr. 2012 - Mar. 2020    Independent Scientist in NIMS, Japan
Apr. 2020 - present      Group Leader in NIMS, Japan



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Contact Information

1-1 Namiki, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0044, Japan
National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
Center for Functional Sensor & Actuator (CFSN)

Takeo Minari (Ph. D.)
TEL: +81-(0)29-860-4918, FAX: +81-(0)29-860-4706
e-mail: MINARI.Takeo[=]nims.go.jp (please change [=] to @)


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