Review (Kawakami)

(English article only)

Biopredictive in vitro testing methods to assess intestinal drug absorption from supersaturating dosage forms
B. Hens, M. Kataoka, K. Ueda, P. Gao, Y. Tsume, P. Augustijns, K. Kawakami, S. Yamashita
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Crystallization Tendency of Pharmaceutical Glasses: Relevance to Compound Properties, Impact of Formulation Process, and Implications for Design of Amorphous Solid Dispersions
K. Kawakami
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Cyclodextrin–Grafted Chitosans for Pharmaceutical Applications
H. Izawa, Y. Takechi-Haraya, K. Kawakami
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Supersaturation and Crystallization: Non-equilibrium Dynamics of Amorphous Solid Dispersions for Oral Drug Delivery
K. Kawakami
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Theory and Practice of Supersaturatable Formulations for Poorly Soluble Drugs
K. Kawakami
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Bioinspired Nanoarchitectonics as Emerging Drug Delivery Systems (Perspective Review)
K. Ariga, K. Kawakami, M. Ebara, Y. Kotsuchibashi, Q. Ji, J.P. Hill.
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Bridging the Difference to the Billionth-of-a-Meter Length Scale: How to Operate Nanoscopic Machines
and Nanomaterials by using Macroscopic Actions
K. Ariga, T. Mori, S. Ishihara, K. Kawakami, J.P. Hill.
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Emerging Pressure-release Materials for Drug Delivery
K. Ariga, K. Kawakami, J.P. Hill.
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Supramolecular Approaches for Drug Development
K. Kawakami, M. Ebara, H. Izawa, N.M. Sanchez-Ballester, J.P. Hill, K. Ariga
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Modification of Physicochemical Characteristics of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Application of Supersaturatable Dosage Forms for Improving Bioavailability of Poorly Absorbed Drugs
K. Kawakami
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Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembled Shells for Drug Delivery
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Evaluation of Entrapped Volume of Liposomes
K. Kawakami
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Recent Development in Microemulsions-based Formulations
K. Kawakami, T. Yoshikawa.
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