Recruiting NIMS Postdoctoral Researchers and Ph. D students

Under the MEXT, JSPS and JST projects in the IFCS group, the successful candidates will address computational/data-driven science researches on the battery or catalyst field. The detailed targets are as follows:
1. DFT-based sampling researchers on electrochemical reactions and interfacial phenomena in battery
2. Design of novel solid electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries by DFT and informatics techniques
3. Development of theoretical/computational methods such as first-principles, chemical kinetics, & reaction engineering simulations, for the prediction of catalytic activity & turnover and kinetics-related phenomena in battery

Open positions:
(1) Ph. D student for Waseda University
(2) Ph. D student for Tokyo Institute of Technology
(3) NIMS Postdoctoral Researcher (high-performance novel solid electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries)
(4) NIMS Postdoctoral Researcher (theoretical / computational advanced researches on the battery)

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