(iii)Morphology and surface controlled nanocrystals /High pressure technique for Syntheses and Characterizations

Keyword: Organic-inorganic hybrid materials、hydrothermal conditions、in-situ surface modification

Nanocrystals and high pressure physics seem to be quite different subjects, apparently, but are connected each other with “high pressure technique” in terms of a synthesis condition and a basic physical parameter, respectively.  We focuses on nanocryastalline oxides, such as, catalyst, pigment and magnet, which are investigated intensively, effects on physical properties of crystal size, morphology and surface modification by organic molecules. Also we develop the high pressure magnetometer which can be useful to detect the so-called emergent phenomena in, for example, in highly correlated electron system and semiconductor under high pressure.

We succeeded in synthesizing of morphology controlled ceria nanocrystals under supercritical hydrothermal conditions. In-situ surface modification affects strongly on the morphology and size for ceria nanocrystals