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Paper authored by Kohei Uosaki selected for BCSJ award in Oct 2009


BCSJ 2009 Oct

The awarded paper appeared on the cover of BCSJ Oct 2009.

A paper authored by Dr. Kohei Uosaki, MANA Principal Investigator, was selected for the BCSJ award in October 2009. This paper was a result of collaboration with Kohei Uosaki, Yoichi Sasaki, and Masatoshi Osawa, Hokkaido University and Masaaki Abe, Kyushu University. The Chemical Society of Japan monthly selects a BCSJ award for the best paper of Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan. Please check the awarded paper for detail information.

Potential-induced reversible redox inter­conversion and irreversible ligand-substitution reaction of triruthenium clusters on an Au(111) electrode surface have been success­fully visualized at a monolayer level with use of in situ STM under electro­chemical conditions.

orbital-mediated tunneling

Orbital-mediated tunneling

Awarded Paper

In situ scanning tunneling microscopy observation of metal–cluster redox interconversion and CO dissociation reactions at a solution/Au(111) interface
Noda H, Uehara H, Abe M, Michi T, Osawa M, Uosaki K, Sasaki Y
Bull Chem Soc Jpn, 2009 Oct; 82(10): 1227-1231.