Functionality of Organized Nanostructures 2014 (FON' 14)

Fees and Registration


November 26th: Reception
November 27th-28th: Scientific Program
November 27th: Banquet
(admission fee requested >>> Click here for details)


Registration is required for all the program of FON'14. For registration,

please send an e-mail to Tomonobu Nakayama []

with the following information.

1) Your name and affiliation.

2) Plan of participation

(ex. I will attend only on 27th and also participate in the Banquet)

3) Poster submission ? (YES / NO)

Poster submission (deadline November 1st *):

Please reserve your seat by completing registration with specifying "YES" to the question 3).

Then, two more steps, 4) and 5), must be finished before deadline to complete your poster submission.

5) Submit your title and abstract to

Notification of poster acceptance will be informed via e-mail till November 5th.

*) If the seats in the hall are completely occupied, we may close this call for posters earlier than November 1st.

FON'14 poster award:

FON'14 will select 5 excellent posters presented by young researchers (35 years old and under) based on feed-back from our invited speakers.

6) Nomination to the FON'14 poster award ? (YES / NO) If YES, please show your date of birth (ex. May 5, 1989) in the e-mail for submitting an abstract.

Or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact to Tomonobu Nakayama.

Fees and Registration