IBM-NIMS symposium on characterization and manipulation at the atomic scale
Date : June 14th (Mon.) to 15th (Tue.), 2010
Place : Epochal Tsukuba, Japan

 During the last 20 years, the manipulation of atoms and molecules using scanning probe microscopy has allowed the construction of model systems to learn about the fundamental behavior, properties and possible functionality of the building blocks of future nanoscale devices. In recent years, these techniques have also been applied for the fine detection and control of the quantum spin, in an effort to further develop spintronics --an emerging technology based on the transport of spins-- and improve the resolution capabilities of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

 In this two-day meeting, we have gathered some of the most eminent scientists that have pioneered and advanced the field of atom manipulation, quantum spin detection, and characterization of matter at the atomic and molecular scale. The speakers of this symposium are worldwide renowned authorities in scanning tunneling microscopy, atomic force microscopy and scanning transmission electron microscopy.

 We welcome you to register to this free-access symposium, entirely sponsored by the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS). You will have the opportunity to peer the work and findings of these top-level researchers and to interact with them at first hand.