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In December 2008, the Waseda University-NIMS Joint Graduate Program was launched in Department of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University. The program focuses on research in the fields of new ceramics, inorganic materials, semiconductors, biomaterials, polymer materials, and metallic crystal. With Waseda University's Global Centre-of-Excellence (COE) environment, students are able to enjoy the cross-disciplinary research field.

In September 2019, the collaborative program was established in the new department, Department of Materials Science, Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering. The new department stands on a solid basis related to the fundamentals of materials, with introducing a mathematical approach towards developing new materials. It aims to develop student’s skill sets as professional, which is required for the next generation industry and materials science.

By the extension of Waseda University – NIMS Joint Graduate School Program, the collaboration would contribute the better educational environment for doctoral students who aspire to a career as researchers in materials science.

Joint Graduate School Program

In the Waseda University-NIMS Joint Graduate Program, the selected NIMS researchers supervise those university postgraduate students towards obtaining degrees. The program offers the students to conduct their own research using the advanced facilities in the international research environment, aiming to develop professional recognition and skills.

The Joint Graduate School Program is designed for materials science majors pursuing degrees from the following Japanese universities in collaboration with NIMS. NIMS researchers are closely involved in the graduate education as university faculty members, which aims to equip the graduates to have a higher research outlook through the latest research ongoing at NIMS.

The interactive environment has been formed by the students together from in and out of Japan, beyond the differences in materials science majors and the experiences. The students would be able to collaborate with colleagues on an international scale.

Introduction of Waseda University-NIMS Joint Graduate Program