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NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship

NIMS offers the Graduate Research Assistantship to excellent students. The successful candidates, NIMS Junior Researchers, will receive a monthly stipend.
Admission to Doctoral program in Nanoscience and Nanoengineering is prerequisite for the assistantship at Waseda University.

NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship

  • Applicant is expected to have a Master's degree in materials science, metallurgical engineering, physics or chemistry by the time of the enrollment.



Duties prescribed by the hosting professor/researcher are attributed to the NIMS employment regulations. The duties and responsibilities are related to the student’s research activities.

NIMS Junior researchers must observe the rules and regulations of NIMS.


The contract period is one year (renewable annually, for a maximum of three years). Failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress or withdrawal from the program will result in the contract being terminated.

Probation Period

3 months

Monthly Stipend

Monthly stipend, approximately 180,000 JPY, will be paid for the work of 13 days per month. Any additional time is associated with their academic research for their thesis topics.

Insurance Coverage

by Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance

Name of Recruiter

National Institute for Materials Science


Send the following documents to the NIMS Graduate Program Office, with a subject line of [Waseda-NIMS GRA] Application

  • Application Form
    * Please include at least 2 references and their email address on the form. NIMS may directly contact the references regarding the application.
  • Scanned copy of Academic Transcript (both undergraduate and graduate)
  • Curriculum Vitae (download and fill out this form)
  • Scanned copy of English Test Score Report(TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS)
    * please send the copy of score report specified in the university application guidelines. The exam taken within 2 years from the application start date is valid.
    * TOEFL ITP (Institutional Test Program), TOEIC IP (Institutional Program) and IELTS (General Training Module) are not acceptable.
    * English proficiency exam score may not be required for the university application if your native language is English or you completed a master's program at a university in an English-speaking country. However, the score certificate is required if you apply for the NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship.
  • Important note : Applicants are strongly recommended to contact the professor prior to submitting applications. Please read through the university application guideline before you apply.

    Selection Process

    17 August 2021 Application closing date
    Early September Document screening result
    Early October Online interview at NIMS
    28 October Closing date of the university
    application submission
    (for international students)
    16 December Closing date of the university
    application submission
    (for Japanese and International student resides in Japan)
    24 December Announcement of admission result
    (for international students)
    15 January University entrance exam
    (for Japanese and International student resides in Japan)
    21 January Announcement of admission result
    (for Japanese and International student resides in Japan)
    1 September 2021 University admission /
    Start of the NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship employment


    Graduate Program Group
    National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
    email: NIMS-graduate@nims.go.jp