Online Event

NIMS Openhouse held on April 24th was on live stream and is now available on YouTube. You can find the NIMS professors and their research introductions (Japanese only).


YouTube channel

All online archives are available on the NIMS official YouTube channel “Materials Revealed !” or “まてりある's eye”(only in Japanese) . You can find the NIMS professor’s research and activities, as well as NIMS openhouse live streaming.


YouTube archive

Annual convention organized by NIMS, NIMS WEEK, was held online. The convention was to form collaborative research to realize the practical application of novel materials. Introduction of the NIMS student programs was on live stream and is now available on YouTube (Japanese only).


Special Edition

NIMS newsletter, NIMS NOW International, features the NIMS student programs in the latest edition. “A road to a material scientist – NIMS Study Guide” issue includes, the program research fields, interview with alumni, and “What's it like to study at NIMS?”


From 28 October to 1 November 2019, NIMS WEEK is going to be held in Tsukuba and Tokyo. The annual event that introduces the latest academic achievements of NIMS and the newest technologies expected to be of practical use. NIMS Open House on 28 October will be a good opportunity for university students to learn about NIMS. There are lectures and informative sessions for prospective students.

Research activity introduction
by students of NIMS Joint Graduate School Program
(NIMS WEEK 2019 on 28 October 2019)

On 28 October 2019, NIMS student programs were introduced at NIMS WEEK 2019.

Informative Session of the NIMS Joint Graduate School Programs was held by students who currently undertaking the program. Several talks were given by them, based on their daily activities at NIMS and the universities. You can see the part of the talks by the slides below.

For university students to get to know the learning atmosphere, several lectures and laboratory tours were also held by the NIMS Joint Graduate School Program professors.