Data Collection Unit

Collect and provide information necessary for research works in materials science

We collect, publishe, and provide information needed for material research, including data-driven research.
We continue to collect data in the world's largest materials database, MatNavi, for polymers, inorganic materials, and metallic materials, with appropriate quality assurance or control from experts.
And we further enhance the system by improving the collection efficiency through the use of advanced IT technologies.
And we promote the use of data sets available for data-driven research.
We also promote MDR, a materials data repository system, to ensure that more research papers and data are registered in an efficient manner.
In addition, we maintain a digital library of materials, databases, and databooks in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering, focusing on the field of materials, to provide a research information infrastructure.


Unit Leader

Unit Member

  • ONODERA, Chie
  • MATSUDA, Asahiko 
  • ITOH,Takuro
  • KOSHIBA,Yasuko
  • BABAUCHI, Akiko
  • TANAKA, Toei
  • IRIE, Yoshiyuki
  • NAKAYAMA, Naoko
  • HIDAKA, Teruhisa
  • SADO Hiroko
  • MORITO, Nobumasa
  • OMI, Yasuhiro
  • KOSUGE, Masaru
We accomplish our mission with;
  XU, Yibin; ISHII, Masashi

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Data Collection Unit
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