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The world two leaders in glass-technology (SG) and nanotechnology (NIMS) make strongest collaboration to produce advanced materials for next generation habitat and construction, which meet growing demands of energy efficiency and environmental protection.

On 24 June, 2010, NIMS and Saint-Gobain signed agreements for future collaboration under "Center of Excellence (COE)". In order to achieve the objectives of the agreement, NIMS founded a new research center called "NIMS Saint-Gobain Center of Excellence for Advanced Materilas" at the Namiki-site, on 6 September, 2010.


2016.02.08 Update

The 11th Steering Committee Meeting

3rd February, 2016 : Saint-Gobain HQ (Paris, France)

2015.03.09 Update

The 10th Steering Committee Meeting

5th March 2015 at Saint-Gobain HQ in Paris

2014.10.31 Update


The history of Saint-Gobain, world top leader in glass-technology, dates back to 17th century when the French king Louis XIV constructed famous Galerie des Glaces in the Château de Versailles.

Today, Saint-Gobain is undoubtedly the world leader in the habitat and construction markets.


The NIMS Saint-Gobain center is officially supported by the research collaboration office, the external collaboration division, of NIMS.




Managing Director (Program Director)


(*Open in new window) David LECHEVALIER

Research Manager SGKK

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