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2022.04.22 Update Press Release

Flexible Temperature Modulation Devices Inspired by Traditional Japanese Paper Crafts

—New Heating/Cooling Technology Using Conventional Plastics—

2022.04.01 Update Press Release

Development of Magnetic Cooling Materials that Enable Efficient Hydrogen Liquefaction

—Materials to Create a Durable Hydrogen Liquefaction System—

2021.12.22 Update

2021.12.10 Update

2021.11.15 Update Press Release

Success in Efficient Fabrication of High-Performance Neodymium Magnets Using Machine Learning

— Prediction of optimal processing conditions for neodymium magnets based on limited experimental data—

2021.09.06 Update

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2021.01.19 Update Press Release

Demonstration of Unconventional Transverse Thermoelectric Generation

—Composite of Thermoelectric and Magnetic Materials with High Thermopower May Open up a New Way to Wide-Ranging Energy Applications—

2020.12.04 Update

2020.12.04 Update

2020.11.16 Update

2020.09.02 Update Press Release

World’s First Direct Observation of the Magneto-Thomson Effect

—Thermal Imaging Technique May Facilitate the Development of New Science and Technology on Heat, Electricity, and Magnetism Conversion Phenomena—

2020.06.10 Update Press Release

Sm(Fe0.8Co0.2)12 with a Lean Rare Earth Content Exhibits Superb Magnetism

—Compound May Magnetically Outperform Neodymium Magnets—

2020.05.28 Update Press Release

Fabrication of a Single-Crystal Giant Magnetoresistive Device on a Polycrystalline Film

—Technique May Promote Practical Use of High-Performance Magnetoresistive Devices Comprising Half-Metallic Heusler Alloys—

2020.04.24 Update

2020.02.19 Update

2020.02.06 Update Press Release

Record Superconductor LaH10 Sustained by Atomic Quantum Fluctuations

—New theoretical prediction suggests that the superconductivity approaching room temperature may be possible at much lower pressures than previously expected with classical calculations—

2020.01.08 Update Press Release

Simple, Flexible Optical Manipulation of Charge Current-Induced Heat Flow

—Novel Thermal Energy Control Mechanism Using Electron Spin, a Source of Magnetism—

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The 239th Special CMSM seminar

Schedules 2018.10.17 Finished

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2018.05.22 Update Press Release

Observation of the anisotropic magneto-Peltier effect: Temperature of Magnetic Materials Can be Manipulated through Simple Redirection of Charge Current

—Novel Heating/Cooling Function Demonstrated Using a Single Magnetic Material without Junction Structure—

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Magnesium Sheet Metal with Excellent Room Temperature Formability

—A New Light Weight Metal as Formable as Aluminum Sheet Metal with 1.5 Times Higher Strength, Potentially Suitable for Use in Reducing Vehicle Weight—

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