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2018.10.10 Update イベント・セミナー

The 239th Special CMSM seminar

Schedules 2018.10.17 Finished

2018.09.25 Update

2018.09.25 Update

2018.09.25 Update

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2018.05.31 Update

2018.05.22 Update Press Release

Observation of the anisotropic magneto-Peltier effect: Temperature of Magnetic Materials Can be Manipulated through Simple Redirection of Charge Current

—Novel Heating/Cooling Function Demonstrated Using a Single Magnetic Material without Junction Structure—

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2017.09.25 Update

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2017.06.19 Update Events

2017.06.16 Update Press Release

Magnesium Sheet Metal with Excellent Room Temperature Formability

—A New Light Weight Metal as Formable as Aluminum Sheet Metal with 1.5 Times Higher Strength, Potentially Suitable for Use in Reducing Vehicle Weight—

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