Dr. Shinji ISOGAMI won the MSJ Distinguished Paper Award.

2017.09.25 Update

Dr. Shinji ISOGAMI, Senior Researcher in Spin Physics Group, won the "MSJ Distinguished Paper Award".
  • "Fabrication of Multipole Magnets with Enhanced Flux Density Using Anisotropic Bond Magnets for Miniature Optical Pickup Devices", S. Isogami, T. Sakai, M. Kanamaru, Y. Inaba, M. Kojima, Y. Kinoshita, J. Magn. Soc. Jpn., 39, p.161-165, http://doi.org/10.3379/msjmag.1507R002
He is awarded at the 41st Annual Conference on MAGNETICS in Japan held at Kyushu University, September 19th to 22nd.

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