Naohito Tsujii


        Neutron scattering group, Quantum beam center, NIMS

   Room 808, Neutron scattering group,
   National Institute for Materials Science,
   1-2-1 Sengen, Tsukuba 305-0047, Japan

  1994. 03  Bachelor degree, Div. of Chem., Dep. of Sci., Kyoto Univ.
  1996. 03  Master degree, Faculty of Sci., Kyoto Univ.
  1999. 03  Doctor (Science), Kyoto Univ.
  1999. 04  Researcher of National Research Institute of Metals (Now, NIMS)

 [Research]   @ Publication list

 Synthesis and crystal growth of inorganic compounds

Single crystals of  CuInS2:Yb3+

FeGa3 (grown by Ga-flux)
JPSJ (2008).

YbCu2Si2 grown by In-flux
(JMMM 2007)

Physical properties (magnetization, electrical resistivity, heat capacity,..) of Intermetallic Compounds

New Kadowaki-Woods relation in heavy-fermion systems
(JPCM 2003PRL 2005)

Field-induced nonmagnetic-ferromagnetic transition
in PrInNi4(JPSJ 2002)

Heavy fermion behavior in YbCu5 and YbCu5-xAgx :
PRB 1997a, 1997b

(Work at Kinso Lab., Kyoto Univ.)

 Magnetic properties at High Fields

Metamagnetic behavior in LiV2O4
 (JPCM 2003)
Measured at ISSP (Goto Lab.).

Magnetic-field induced antiferromagnetic ordering in the Haldane system PbNi2V2O8  (PRB 2005)
Measured at Tsukuba Magnet Laboratory, NIMS.

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