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Surface Electron Microscopy

Spin-polarized low energy electron microscope Spin-polarized low energy electron microscope (SPLEEM) provides precise surface imaging by illuminating a sample with spin-polarized low energy electron beams. Dynamical imaging with SPLEEM (magnetic contrast), LEEM (diffraction and interference contrast, etc.), and LEED (diffraction pattern from a selected area) mode and 3D analysis of magnetization direction are capable.

(Room 145, Central Building at Sengen)


The instrument is equipped with a high brightness and highly spin-polarized electron gun, a 3D spin manipulator, and an energy analyzer.
・Acceleration voltage:20kV (Incident energy:~several tens of eV)
・Lateral resolution:10nm
・Energy resolution:0.1eV
・Degree of spin-polarization of incident beam:90%
・Base pressure in the experimental chamber:UHV